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Bill Shepherd

Bill Shepherd

Vice President
Denver, CO


Bill Shepherd is an experienced financial professional who has been with Fisher Investments since 2006. Based in Denver, Bill works with private clients in Colorado, Oklahoma and throughout the Midwest.

Bill Shepherd has over 18 years of experience in the global financial services industry. Originally from Boston, Bill earned his degree in Finance in Philadelphia before helping establish an international wealth management firm in Frankfurt, Germany. Bill helped expand the business throughout Europe and ultimately Asia. He and his family relocated to Singapore so Bill could continue travelling and building the business there. Bill then returned to the United States and began working for Fisher Investments in Oklahoma before settling in Denver with his family. Bill enjoys skiing, cycling and hiking.

Bill can review and evaluate your current financial situation, discuss your investment goals and objectives, and explain Fisher Investments’ approach to investing. Bill can also provide several informative resources.

Contact Bill for our latest Stock Market Outlook or other helpful investing guides (more information about these at the bottom right). Simply complete the request form below and indicate the items of interest. We will email these to you at no cost.

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