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Investing with Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments believes in market efficiency--that well-known and widely-discussed information is already reflected in stock prices.  Therefore, the only way to regularly outperform is by knowing something others don’t (see Ken Fisher’s bestselling book, The Only Three Questions that Count: Investing by Knowing What Others Don’t, Wiley 2006). Fisher Investments develops Capital Markets Technology (i.e. ways of analyzing information differently) with the goal of identifying and exploiting unique information in the investment process. Fisher Investments also believes investing styles move in and out of favor over time--so we maintain a flexible approach, adjusting the investment strategy as our forward-looking views of the market evolve. We start by first analyzing macro-level economic, political, and sentiment factors to determine key portfolio drivers. We then make decisions about which countries and sectors should benefit most, and finally focus on stock selection. We do this globally to maximize opportunities. Click on the links below to learn more about our approach to investing


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