Investor Education

Fisher Investments understands you prefer learning about investing in your own style and on your own time. That’s why we focus on providing an abundance of timely investing guidance through various outlets. From one-on-one discussions with your Investment Counselor to written material and online videos, we make sure you receive all the information you need to feel comfortable with us as your money manager. Ongoing education is a core principle in everything we do.

Personalized Communication from Your Investment Counselor

Your Investment Counselor (IC) is your primary investment guide—literally. He or she will guide you through market volatility, portfolio changes and more. They have no products to sell and don’t work on commission—when they call, it’s to ensure you understand what we’re doing and why. We believe education empowers investors and is critical to helping them avoid making errors that could jeopardize their financial future. We’ll spend as much time as you like to explain our market forecast, the rationale and beliefs underpinning our strategy and our analysis of current events so you can feel comfortable.

Quarterly Client Review & Outlooks with Fisher Investments’ Proprietary Research

Fisher Investment’s Client Review & Outlook will take you through the previous quarter’s events, how they impacted markets—or didn’t!—and what we believe the coming months or year will bring. Through this report, you receive exclusive insight to our proprietary research and analysis. The Client Review & Outlook is available via mail and/or email, and clients’ ICs are primed and available to discuss any questions that may arise.

Capital Markets Update Video Featuring the Fisher Investments Investment Policy Committee

The Capital Markets Update video gives you the opportunity to hear the firm’s beliefs directly from the Investment Policy Committee (IPC). In these videos, the IPC discusses what has been happening in markets and the world and what we expect moving forward. The IPC also takes time to address common client questions during the video. The Capital Markets Update Video is available on a semi-annual basis. Please reach out to your IC to view the latest.