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Market Insights Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Ken Fisher has contributed several articles to Financial Planning, an industry publication for independent financial advisers.

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The Only Three Questions That Count
We Are The World



Ken Fisher has regularly contributed to Research magazine, an independent publication by the Market Research Society, focusing on the impact of market research in the current business environment.

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Outside the Box with Ken Fisher
The Science of Investing
Befriending Your Brain
Research Roundtable 2007
Why Foreign
Caveman Investment Concepts
Investing With Style
Investor Psychology 101
Market Forecasting and Capital Orthodoxy
Perverse Logic of Global Investing
The Trouble With Asset Allocation

Market Insights Equities


Equities is financial publication geared for corporate executives and institutional investment professionals interested in mid cap and small cap growth companies. Equities published a Feb 2007 cover story on Ken Fisher's latest book.

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The Great Humiliator

Market Insights Investment Adviser Articles

Investment Adviser

Members of the Investment Policy Committee have contributed to Investment Adviser, Financial Times' (FT) weekly newspaper for investment professionals.

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Yield Curve Perspectives

Market Insights Articles on Millionaires


Ken Fisher has contributed several articles to Millionaire magazine, the magazine that profiles affluent lifestyles.

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Fishing the Right Waters
Your Investment Compass

Market Insights What is Investment

What Investment

Members of the Investment Policy Committee have contributed to What Investment, a UK-based publication providing independent financial advice and analysis to global investors.

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Here We Go Again
Trampled Underfoot

Market Insights Money Observer Article

Money Observer

Members of the Investment Policy Committee have contributed to Money Observer, a UK monthly investment and personal finance magazine for over 27 years.

08.15.2016 – Presidential Term Cycles Are Stock Market Voodoo: Fisher's Financial Mythbusters
01.30.15 – Fisher's Financial Mythbusters: So Goes January
Don't Let Gains Just Melt Away

Bloomberg Money: Made in Britain


Ken Fisher's Bloomberg Money Archive

From 2000-2006, Ken Fisher wrote a monthly column for Bloomberg Money magazine, a former personal finance magazine for European Investors.

2006 Columns
December 2006 - The weakest link
November 2006 - The bears that cried wolf
October 2006 - Fear of the unknown
September 2006 - Vote for no change
August 2006 - Correct me if I'm wrong
July 2006 - Have I got news for you
June 2006 - The end is not nigh
May 2006 - Life in the old bull yet
April 2006 - A chance to take stock
March 2006 - Stocks are set to explode
February 2006 - Time to put on a happy face
January 2006 - Big Four: do not pass go

2005 Columns
December 2005 - The long and the short of it
November 2005 - One big economic laboratory
October 2005 - The three questions that count
September 2005 - Markets refuse to be rattled
August 2005 - Much ado about nothing
July 2005 - Property still bubbling along
June 2005 - US merger activity to go global
May 2005 - Refusing to be beaten
April 2005 - Why debt is good for growth
March 2005 - Why debt is no bad thing
February 2005 - Free money - buy now
January 2005 - An unlikely source of optimism

2004 Columns
December 2004 - Bush set to lead the way
November 2004 - Turn an idea on its head
October 2004 - Going against the tide
September 2004 - Stocks to calm your jitters
August 2004 - Standing P/E ratios on their heads
July 2004 - US love affair with oil endures
June 2004 - Election years made easy
May 2004 - Putting on a happy face
April 2004 - Stocks will just keep rising
March 2004 - Dollar argument full of holes
February 2004 - The only way is up - again
January 2004 - Bears left with red faces

2003 Columns
December 2003 - Bears will lift the markets
November 2003 - Only four ways to go
October 2003 - P/E ratios are big in mythology, tiny in truth
September 2003 - Smarter than the average bear? I don't think so
August 2003 - US elections will not swing the market
July 2003 - Don't underestimate the size of the bulls' stampede
June 2003 - Feel it in your bones
May 2003 - Anti-war economies endure the consequences of dissent
April 2003 - There's money to be made in money management
March 2003 - Reasons to be bullish in 2003 (part two)
February 2003 - High hopes for 2003
January 2003 - Relying on Bush to make things better

2002 Columns
December 2002 - Is the bond bubble next in line to burst?
November 2002 - Time to stop clinging to this age-old myth
October 2002 - All the unrecognised beauty is very bullish
September 2002 - Casting off the bears to find real beauty
August 2002 - Investors' fears offer a good chance to buy
July 2002 - Recovery signals keep the bears at bay
June 2002 - Why risk is a weighty matter indeed
May 2002 - Funds vs. indices - don't believe the hype
April 2002 - Lessons of a hundred years in the markets
March 2002 - A yet rougher ride is in store for fatigued bulls
February 2002 - After careful analysis the super-bears have it
January 2002 - I may be bearish but I'm not a perma-bear