CNBC Capital Connection Interview with Aaron Anderson

Fisher Investments’ Senior Vice President of Research, Aaron Anderson, discusses why he maintains an optimistic outlook for stocks. Aaron believes a stock market recovery may happen much sooner than many anticipate as investors have likely priced in widely discussed risks to a large degree—including a US recession, high inflation, In his view, a more severe market downturn from here would require a significant, largely unforeseen negative.

Aaron also discusses why he thinks the strong dollar will remain strong. He points to a few main drivers, including monetary policy, economic expectations, and the dollar’s traditional “safe haven” role during market downturns. He believes the US economy is more resilient than other economies, such as the UK and Eurozone. As such, he thinks investors expect central banks around the world to be less hawkish than the Fed, which should make the dollar more attractive. Aaron explains the dollar tends to appreciate during market selloffs due to the relative stability of the US financial system. He says this pressure may fade during the upcoming market rebound but other factors, like monetary policy, will remain.

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