Nearing Retirement or Already There?

Learn About Retirement Investment Strategies

Your retirement goals, needs, and time horizon are important factors in developing an appropriate retirement investment strategy. You might look forward to your retirement date—even have it circled on the calendar—but it does little more than divide your working years from retirement relaxation. And if you don’t develop a successful investment strategy for retirement now, your retirement might not be that relaxing.

Fisher Investments’ 15-Minute Retirement Plan™ can help you establish some of the fundamental criteria for your retirement investment strategy. The following questions will be covered in the guide and can help you gain a better understanding of your retirement.

  • How long will you need your retirement investments to work? People now are living longer than their parents, and your retirement investments need to last longer than ever before.

  • How’s your health? Age alone doesn’t determine a time horizon for your retirement savings. The healthier you are, the longer you’ll need your retirement investments to last, and the more important it is to have a great retirement investment strategy.

  • Do you have other financial goals in retirement? Want to travel? Leave an inheritance? Provide financial security for your children? Any of these can impact how long your retirement investments will need to last.

  • How long have you been saving? Regardless of whether you started investing for retirement when you were young or if you’re playing catch-up now, we can help develop a retirement strategy for you.

  • Have you accounted for inflation? Historically, inflation increases about 3% each year,* and you need to factor that into account.

Whether you’re starting to plan for retirement or are already there, this guide will cast light on financial mistakes you can’t afford to make.

What does your lifestyle cost? Think about what you’d like to do during your retirement years, and whether those activities have associated costs.

No matter your situation, our 15-Minute Retirement Plan™ can help you begin the process of developing a retirement investment strategy that is suited to your individual goals and financial situation. Get your copy for free today!

* Source: Global Financial Data, Inc., as of 01/21/2014. Based on US BLS Consumer Price Index from 1925-2013 (2.96%).
**Download count as of, July 1, 2015.


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