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What to Look for in a Retirement Planning Portfolio Manager

Choosing the right portfolio manager for your retirement planning strategy is a daunting task. Use these tips to find the best portfolio manager for you.

When it comes to choosing the right portfolio manager for your retirement planning strategy, there are dozens of things to consider. Is the manager qualified? Does this person have a proven record of success? Does he/she specialize in retirement planning?

However, there are several things that investors overlook when choosing a manager. Below, we will discuss some of the key often overlooked things to consider when selecting the best retirement planning portfolio manager for your needs. 

Retirement Planning Manager Fees

Many investors initially zero in on quantitative components, namely, the fees. And yes, fees are definitely something to take into consideration! Over time, fees add up, and the more fees you pay, the less money you have compounding and growing toward your retirement.

However, fees shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing a retirement planning portfolio manager. The value of the service provided is an equally, if not more, significant factor. In fact, a high quality portfolio manager may rightfully be charging higher fees due to the level of their dedicated client service.

Bedside Manner

One thing that investors should not overlook is a manager’s ability to listen. Consider, for example, an adviser who takes the time to get to know you, understand your goals, identify your investment time horizon and learn your personal needs and circumstances, then develops a strategy targeting the long-term returns likeliest to meet your specific needs.

A portfolio manager who takes the time to craft a strategy targeting your specific retirement investing goals and needs may cost more compared to buying a run-of-the-mill investment product or fund, but if you find the service you receive valuable—and it helps you reach your investment goals—then that may be a worthwhile expense.

Knows When to Hold `Em, When to Fold `Em

A high-quality manager will help protect investors from their own worst enemies: themselves. As important as developing a personalized financial strategy is, sticking to it is often difficult—especially when market volatility strikes or greed tempts. An adviser who provides the voice of reason to keep your emotions in check serves a vitally important role in helping you stay on track towards your long-term investment goals. 

Trying to find the appropriate retirement planning manager who works best for you will require doing your due diligence and research—a task that may seem daunting. However, doesn’t planning for something as important as your retirement deserve that time and effort? Consult Fisher Investments to help you find the right adviser for your retirement planning needs.

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