Investing for Retirement

Investing for Retirement

How do you successfully invest for retirement and beyond? At Fisher Investments, our goal is simple: Help you reach your financial goals by developing a personalized strategy for your retirement investments. Along the way, we will help you understand the benefits of our retirement money management solution compared to other investment vehicles, including annuities, ETFs and mutual funds.

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Retirement Investing Facts


The average 62-year-old can expect to be retired for 22 years*


1 in 4 65-year-olds will live beyond age 90. **


Your retirement assets might have to last more than 30 years


The average retiree will need 70%-80% of pre-retirement annual income to maintain his/her lifestyle

If you have a $500,000 portfolio, download our retirement guide called "The 15-Minute Retirement Plan." Even if you have something else in place, this must-read guide includes research and analysis you can use right now. 

To develop a suitable plan for your retirement investments, we first get to know you—calculating your net worth, identifying your financial objectives, cash flow needs, investment experiences, financial circumstances, and current investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, etc.), among other factors. Then, based on that information, we develop a portfolio strategy with appropriate asset allocation for the long-term management of your retirement investments.


Beyond Retirement Asset Management

But our involvement in helping you manage your retirement assets doesn’t stop there. As your situation and goals change over time, we revisit your investment strategy and make adjustments to help ensure you meet your goals. Your portfolio should adapt as your needs change. We also consider changing market conditions and may make adjustments to the portfolio if we forecast a bear market, for example. Furthermore, as part of our high-touch service model, we provide ongoing education to keep you apprised of our thinking around current events and day-to-day market volatility.

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** Social Security Administration, Calculators: Life Expectancy