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Fisher Investments is a well-known name in financial news and literature. CEO Ken Fisher has written a monthly column for Forbes magazine for 30 years, and frequently appears in the financial media, including Bloomberg TV and CNBC. Ken Fisher's views along with Fisher Investments’ research have been showcased across Britain and Germany and beyond. Members of Fisher Investments’ editorial and research staffs regularly contribute our daily market and financial commentary website, and to other financial publications including Investor’s Business Daily, The Street, Real Clear Markets and more.

Just Your Run-Of-The-Mill Blockbuster Returns

By Ken Fisher, Forbes, 8/14/2014

Average returns aren’t normal. People may expect average, but they’ll rarely get it.

Viewpoint: The pros see blah, I say bull!

By Ken Fisher, Interactive Investor, 7/25/2014

If you're tempted to wait for the election in November, don't - stocks are forward-looking, says Ken Fisher.

389 Lessons, and Counting

By Ken Fisher, Forbes, 7/21/2014

Honor your net worth with great stocks like these for the rest of this long bull market.

Investors: Expect a Great Fourth Quarter

By Ken Fisher, Forbes, 6/30/2014

Fourth quarters of midterm-election years are positive 86.4% of the time.

Viewpoint: Will the next Apple fall from Newton's tree?

By Ken Fisher, Interactive Investor, 6/27/2014

The UK has a chance to import technology firms and reap the unfathomable benefits that come with them.

About That Student Loan Time Bomb

By Elisabeth Dellinger,, 6/13/2014

With President Obama signing an Executive Order to cap some borrowers’ repayments at 10% of their annual income, and with the Senate squashing a bill to allow borrowers to refinance at lower rates two days later, this is a hot election-year issue. However, the data overwhelmingly suggest this political hot potato isn’t an economic issue.

The myth of small-cap outperformance

By Ken Fisher, Financial Times, 6/13/2014

Smaller shares’ lead comes in short bursts.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

By Elisabeth Dellinger, Investor's Business Daily, 6/6/2014

Viewpoint: Are wobbly markets getting you down?

By Ken Fisher, Interactive Investor, 5/29/2014

If investors want growth, they must accept the risk of losing their capital.

The Bulls of The High Seas

By Ken Fisher, Forbes, 5/26/2014

Skeptics are turning into optimists. Looks like it’s full speed ahead.