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Fisher Investments is a well-known name in financial news and literature. Founder and Executive Chairman Ken Fisher has written a monthly column for Forbes magazine for 30 years, and frequently appears in the financial media, including Bloomberg TV and CNBC. Ken Fisher's views along with Fisher Investments’ research have been showcased across the US, Britain, Germany and beyond. Members of Fisher Investments’ editorial and research staff regularly contribute to our daily market and financial commentary website, MarketMinder.com and to other financial publications including Investor’s Business Daily, The Street, equities.com and more.

Presidential Term Cycles Are Stock Market Voodoo: Fisher's Financial Mythbusters

By Ken Fisher, Money Observer, 8/15/2016

The statistical quirk that sees stock markets have been positive every year ending in 'five' since 1926 is just that, says Ken Fisher.

Earnings Growth You Can Depend On

By Ken Fisher, Forbes, 8/3/2016

In bull markets, big tech stocks run in spurts. Several giants are now on the way up.

Why Trump Won't Bother The Stockmarket

By Ken Fisher, Interactive Investor, 7/26/2016

Investing legend Ken Fisher explains why the election of Donald Trump would not hurt equity markets, and names two great stocks to own.

Trump oder Clinton - der Börse kann es egal sein

By Ken Fisher, Focus , 7/22/2016

Machen Sie sich Sorgen wegen der US-Wahlen? Die Amerikaner ebenfalls! Die Republikaner haben Angst vor Hillary Clinton. Die Demokraten haben Angst vor Donald Trump. Dabei können beide viel weniger, als man denkt - das ist gut für die Aktienkurse.

Trade Deficits Make Deficient Markets: Fisher's Financial Mythbusters

By Ken Fisher, Money Observer, 7/13/2016

The word 'deficit' shares a Latin root with 'deficient', but when it comes to trade, deficits aren't deficient, says Ken Fisher.

Bull Market Charges On Regardless Of A Growing Revolt

By Ken Fisher, Financial Times, 7/7/2016

Invisible poor in Europe and the US send a message.

Trump Or Hillary? Either Way, There's A Way To Profit

By Ken Fisher, Forbes, 7/6/2016

Two new political reasons why stocks will likely exceed expectations straight ahead.

Ken Fisher: Share Tips And Surviving The Misinformation Age

By Ken Fisher, Interactive Investor, 6/30/2016

Evaluating media makes you a better investor, argues Ken Fisher. The investment legend also names two great stocks to own as this bull market keeps running.

Buy U.S. Stocks, Not Brexit Hysteria Says One Market's Strategist

By Ken Fisher, TheStreet, 6/28/2016

Great Britain's decision to leave the European Union may alter the way Europe does business, but U.S. investors should not view it as a complete game changer.

How Much Downside Would Markets See From A Brexit?

By Ken Fisher, CNBC, 6/23/2016

Even with a Brexit, there's little downside for markets as the process would take years, says Fisher Investments' Ken Fisher.