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Fisher Investments is a well-known name in financial news and literature. CEO Ken Fisher has written a monthly column for Forbes magazine for 30 years, and frequently appears in the financial media, including Bloomberg TV and CNBC. Ken Fisher's views along with Fisher Investments’ research have been showcased across the US, Britain, Germany and beyond. Members of Fisher Investments’ editorial and research staff regularly contribute to our daily market and financial commentary website, MarketMinder.com and to other financial publications including Investor’s Business Daily, The Street, equities.com and more.

By , Forbes,

The same types of stocks that lead late in long bull markets do best early in bear phases.


Fisher Investments CEO Ken Fisher says the markets want to grind through the fear of what happened in the terror attacks and what will happen with the interest rate hike.

Bloomberg ,

Taking Stock's Kathleen Hays and Pimm Fox with guest Ken Fisher, CEO of Fisher Investments, on the global economic events that will shape investing in 2016.

By , Money Observer,

Stop-losses are a provable money-loser, says Ken Fisher. It would be more accurate to call them 'stop-gains'.


Grüner Fisher Investments was awarded the best place to work in the German financial industry, based on employee satisfaction data gathered by the employer review platform, Kununu.

By , Interactive Investor,

Investment legend Ken Fisher urges investors not to stew over how Brexit could impact markets. Instead, "just relax, and own stocks". He tips a couple of banks, too.

By , equities.com,

-6.0%. -2.5%. 8.4%. These are the S&P 500’s monthly total returns in August, September and October, respectively. Wild swings—volatility is back!

By , Forbes,

Folks freak out on bank stocks easier than most. you should game that.

By , ThinkAdvisor,

The Fisher Investments founder talks to ThinkAdvisor about the lies annuity salespeople tell and how he buys clients out of their surrender fees.

By , Financial Times,

From Clinton and Obama to yield curves, the parallels are obvious.