A Letter from Fisher Investments’ CEO Damian Ornani on the Selection of Advent International and ADIA as Minority Investment Partners

June 16, 2024 – I’m proud to share that Fisher Investments ("FI") selected Advent International ("Advent") and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority ("ADIA") as minority investment partners in our company. Following the transaction, FI’s Founder, Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Ken Fisher, will maintain his majority controlling interest and will remain active in his current roles. Likewise, FI’s long-tenured leadership team—myself included—will continue to drive and manage the company. As a result, this investment will not impact FI's clients, employees or day-to-day operations.

Ken shared this quote that provides great context: "This transaction is aimed dually at estate tax and planning purposes while assuring that FI will maintain its traditional culture, growth evolution and devotion to exceptional client service. FI has been my life. While my health is excellent, this transaction with an atypically long holding period for a private equity transaction will ensure FI's long-term private independence and culture should anything untoward happen to me. And, we will have the support of world-class partners who understand us operationally and culturally, and value what we are and will be."

Over the past 45 years, FI has grown from a small sole proprietorship into what is, by most accounts, one of the worldโ€™s largest pure โ€™40 Act Advisers. This transaction enables us to continue in our mission to help more clients and better the investment universe in near perpetuity.

Thank you to our 150,000+ clients globally who entrust us with their investments. And thank you for reading this note, and for your interest in Fisher Investments.

You can read more about this transaction in our full press release here:

Fisher Investments Selects Advent International and ADIA as Strategic Partners in Minority Common Stock Investment


Damian Ornani
Chief Executive Officer

headshot of Damian Ornani