Our Investment Approach

As a client, you can expect three things from us: personalized service, a portfolio tailored to your goals, and an investment management approach deeply rooted in our time-tested, global investment process and philosophy.

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The value of our tailored investment strategy centers around one thing:

Helping You Achieve Your Personal  Investment Goals

We’re transparent about the investing decisions we make for you because we believe an informed investor is more comfortable with their portfolio and more successful in retirement.

Our Investment Approach Is:

  • Personalized
  • Flexible
  • Disciplined
  • Global


At Fisher Investments, our investment approach starts with you. We take the time to understand your unique needs, current financial situation and the goals you’d like to achieve with your money. With these in mind, we create a tailored investment strategy designed to help accomplish your personal objectives.

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No investment style is consistently the best. Based our forward-looking market views, our adaptive approach may help us protect your portfolio when markets shift.

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We use a time-tested top-down investment approach that informs the mix of stocks, bonds and other securities to hold in your portfolio. First, we analyze global macroeconomic and market conditions to target what we believe are the most attractive investment categories. Then, we select individual securities within those categories that fit your tailored investment strategy.

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Many investors focus exclusively on their home country’s stocks. However, we live in an increasingly global economy and as such, investment opportunities abound! We seek diversification and opportunity for returns by investing across global equity markets.

The Investment Policy Committee

Your Tenured Portfolio Management Team

You deserve a stable, dedicated team with decades of experience to help navigate your portfolio toward your long-term investment goals. The Investment Policy Committee (IPC) is the dedicated team that makes all strategic investment decisions for client portfolios.

The IPC—Ken Fisher, Jeff Silk, Bill Glaser, Aaron Anderson and Michael Hanson—collectively monitor global economic and market conditions to devise and implement the firm’s investment strategies with the support of the firm’s large research department. The IPC has worked toward client success for decades and together, have over 150 combined years of industry experience.

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