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We can help you prepare for the future with financial planning advice designed specifically for you. Why is financial planning important? A good financial plan is a blueprint that helps you save, invest, and approach tax and estate planning with confidence.

Reach Your Financial Goals with the Right Help

Hiring the right financial adviser can help you take control of your finances and reach your financial goals. As an investor, you’ve built your nest egg to fund a comfortable retirement. A financial adviser can help you make the most of your assets and keep you on track for the long-term.

As a fiduciary and fee-only adviser, Fisher Investments knows the ins and outs of wealth planning, tax planning and helping you map out your financial future.

  • What is Financial Planning?
  • Financial Planning Process
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What is Financial Planning?

Long-term financial success is rarely an accident. It requires meticulous planning. We believe in a holistic approach to reaching your long-term investment goals.

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Financial Planning Process 

At Fisher Investments, we believe the financial planning process should start with a detailed understanding of your long-term goals, needs and objectives.

How Fisher Investments Can Help

Financial Planning Evaluation

How does your financial plan stack up? We can help you evaluate if you’re on track to meet your goals and help with budgeting for the future you want. As a registered investment adviser, Fisher Investments has its clients’ best interest in mind—we want you to be a successfully retired investor.

Retirement Income Plans

You may need to take income from your investment portfolios after you stop receiving a regular paycheck. In accounting for your long-term expenses, risk tolerance, and financial situation, we can help you figure out how to live your best financial life.

Investment Portfolio Management

We create and manage portfolios tailored to your situation and investment goals. Your financial goals are unique and your experience as a client should reflect that. Tired of layered fees from funds and commission-based brokers? We can help.

The Path to a Financial Plan

Creating your financial plan involves compiling your assets and goals and creating a long-term strategy to help ensure your financial future is safe. A financial adviser can help you become a proficient financial planner. Whether you’d like to invest and grow your net worth or spend every penny, a financial adviser can walk you through the following steps to your independence in personal finance.

Set Your Goals

Your retirement plan begins with you and your goals—what you want to do, how much that will likely cost and any additional goals you may have for your money. Fisher Investments can help you sort out your expenses, an investing strategy or your current financial plan.

Define Your Time Horizon

How long will you need your money working for you? It may be longer than you think. Your planning process includes many factors that may extend beyond your lifetime. Plan ahead to avoid surprises later.

Understand Your Spending

A thorough financial plan accounts for what you need to spend and how you’ll get the money for it, whether from investment income, withdrawals or your Social Security benefit. A strong investment management process can help your assets last longer—and even grow—through retirement.

Plan for Emergencies

Understand how an emergency fund factors into your financial plan. Retirement planning includes the expected and unforeseen costs of life. A financial adviser can help you be ready for both.

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Financial Planning: More Than a Budget 

To create a personalized financial plan, investors should understand what financial planning entails. Financial planning is more than just setting a budget, evaluating your assets or estate planning—it is a broad evaluation of what your financial life is now and what you want it to be in the future.

Financial planning comprises evaluating your net worth, weighing assets against liabilities, understanding your current cash flow situation and solidifying your short- and long-term financial goals. If that sounds like a lot—that’s where an adviser like Fisher Investments can help.

It is better to build your financial plan around a wide array of components versus a narrow, primarily budget-centric approach. Accounting for every part of your financial future will help you stay on track to meet your financial goals—be it leaving a legacy for your family or giving to charitable causes, generating income through retirement, or saving up for a big purchase such as a vacation home.

Preparing to Plan Your Finances

Financial planning can be daunting. It often helps to understand where to start the process. Fisher Investments believes the financial planning process should start with a detailed understanding of your current financial situation. Here’s how.

You’ll want to take stock of both sides of your financial ledger—assets and liabilities. This will help you determine your current net worth and overall financial health. You can start with your financial assets, then compile the values of notable personal property—anything from cars to jewelry.

After reconciling your assets, review your debts to understand how much you owe. The most common items in this category are mortgages, home equity loans and credit card debt. Every retiree is different—you may have paid off your house, but now own a vacation property, for example. Make sure to account for every kind of debt you have.

Next, you can evaluate your budget, both income and expenses, to help you project what your future cash flow needs may be to reach your investment goals or to maintain your wealth as part of the estate planning process.

Once you have a detailed picture of your current financial situation, financial goals and you have evaluated your cash flows, you can begin to create a personalized financial plan.

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