Research Group

Our large, in-house Research Department aids the Investment Policy Committee (IPC) with every step of the investment process.

The Research Group is organized into teams focused in four primary areas—Applied Research, Theoretical Research, Suitability Analysis and Portfolio Implementation.

Responsibilities of Our Research Group

Each team has unique responsibilities, including analyzing economic trends, sector and industry updates, evaluating securities, calculating performance and implementing the IPC's portfolio decisions.

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Applied Research

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Capital Markets Research Team

The Capital Markets Research Team gathers information about regions, countries, sectors and industries and analyzes from a top-down perspective using economic-, political- and sentiment-based factors. This information assists the IPC in determining asset class, country and sector forecasts and portfolio themes.

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Securities Research Team

The Securities Research Team conducts the initial analysis and ongoing monitoring of all individual portfolio securities from a fundamental, bottom-up perspective.

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Theoretical research

Capital Markets Innovation Team

The Capital Markets Innovation Team is responsible for developing and refining proprietary capital markets technology (ways to analyze markets), providing quantitative investment analysis to the IPC and applied research teams, measuring portfolio attribution and managing portfolio risk.

The team assists the IPC with the development and modification of portfolio drivers with theoretical, quantitative-driven capital markets technology.

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suitability analysis

Portfolio Evaluation Group

Under the direction of the IPC, the Portfolio Evaluation Group provides benchmark recommendations and personalized portfolio analysis for clients and prospective clients, tailored to their unique financial objectives.

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Portfolio implementation

Implementation Team

The Implementation Team oversees and applies portfolio changes—generating trade orders—as instructed by the IPC, portfolio strategy and client restrictions.

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