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Fisher Investments writes articles and views on the markets and economy. Chairman and Director Ken Fisher, wrote a monthly “Portfolio Strategy” column for Forbes for over 30 years, making him the longest continuously running columnist in the magazine’s 100 year history. He is a regular contributor to several publications, including USA Today, Financial Times in the UK, Focus Money in Germany, Børsen in Denmark and De Telegraaf in the Netherlands. Ken authored 11 books, including four New York Times bestsellers—and has been published, interviewed and written about in publications globally. His research has been showcased in numerous scholarly journals, representing his commitment to original insight and analysis across the academic spectrum of investing. Any of the articles, books or commentary produced by the Fisher organization may be available to clients through their Investment Counselor.

A Warning From Fisher Investments On The Specter of Debt

By Fisher Investments, Reuters Plus, 12/18/2019

There is general agreement that America has too much debt, particularly when it comes to our federal debt—a large and scary-sounding number currently in the trillions of dollars. But is debt always bad? Or is there some threshold at which debt becomes problematic?

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Don’t Fight the Fed?

By Fisher Investments, Reuters Plus, 12/05/2019

At Fisher Investments, we’ve heard plenty of investors and media outlets say “Don’t fight the Fed.” It suggests investors shouldn’t trade against the US Federal Reserve’s actions.

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Is America's $23 Trillion National Debt A Problem?

By Blair Shiff, Fox Business, 09/23/2019

The United States' national debt is nearly $23 trillion, which is larger than the entire U.S. economy, but Fisher Investments founder Ken Fisher spoke to FOX Business' David Asman about his op-ed about the national debt

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Oil And Stocks’ Fickle Relationship

By Fisher Investments, Reuters Plus, 09/18/2019

Every now and then, oil price swings come into the spotlight and a common myth typically follows: High oil prices spell doom for stocks.

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Billionaire Ken Fisher Wants to Knock Out Wall Street

By Ken Fisher, Sarah Ponczek, and Michael P. Regan, Bloomberg, 09/13/2019

While on the surface it looked like a calm week for the stock market, there was a lot of turbulence down below. Rising interest rates caused investors to rotate out of once high-flying momentum and growth equities in favor of beaten-down value stocks.

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Ken Fisher: ECB stimulus is "quantitative diseasing, not easing"

By Hannah Wise and Ken Fisher, CNN Money Switzerland, 09/13/2019

The ECB’s decision to relaunch its bond purchasing program is “quantitative diseasing, not quantitative easing.” This according to Ken Fisher, investor and founder of Fisher Investments, who warns that the move will set back the European economy rather than support it.

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Dollar-Cost Averaging Doesn’t Pay

By Fisher Investments, Reuters Plus, 09/09/2019

What happens if you invest a large lump sum on a bad day—like the day before a big market drop? You might have to watch your freshly invested money start to wither away immediately.

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Will Uncle Sam Force Big Tech to Break Up

By Fisher Investments, Real Clear Markets, 09/03/2019

Last month, US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairman Joe Simons said he was prepared to do what many investors have feared for months: break up major Tech or Tech-like companies, namely Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google.

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Turbo-boost techaandelen op de AEX

By Ken Fisher, De Telegraaf, 08/19/2019

Europese aandelen lopen dit jaar ver achter op de markten wereldwijd. Kenners wijzen met een beschuldigende vinger naar alles en iedereen: van een stagnerende groei tot aan populisme en de Brexit. Met de Nederlandse aandelen gaat het echter prima; ze gaan gelijk op met de aandelen in de rest van de wereld. Ze liggen enkel iets achter op Amerika dat het uitzonderlijk goed doet.

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Ken Fisher: Tech Makes U.S. Look Good, But Switzerland Another Story

By Hannah Wise and Ken Fisher, CNN Money Switzerland, 08/16/2019

Tech stocks carry most of the weight of U.S. markets, says billionaire investor Ken Fisher. Even though Swiss tech stocks are strong performers, he says the current market climate means investors should look elsewhere for their portfolios (hint: it’s all about timing).

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Stop Using Stop-Loss Orders… They Don’t Work!

By Fisher Investments Canada, Reuters Plus, 08/14/2019

Trying to stop losses is an undeniably reasonable impulse, regardless of your investing goals. Unfortunately, stop-loss orders, despite the name, don’t reliably accomplish what they set out to do in our view. 

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Los lastres de la bolsa Española

By Ken Fisher, 08/13/2019

A finales de julio, el Instituto Nacional de Estadística informó de que el PIB avanzó un 2,3 por ciento interanual en el segundo trimestre de 2019, confirmando una evolución sólida de la economía española.

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Populisten versplinteren ook de Europese politiek

By Fisher Investments, 08/08/2019

Drie maanden na de verkiezingen is het stof opgetrokken en lijkt het er eerder op dat zowel de Europese als de nationale politiek door populisme juist in een impasse is geraakt. Een impasse betekent waarschijnlijk minder actie – bullish voor Europese aandelen.

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Hoogtevrees op de aandelenmarkt

By Fisher Investments, Elsevier Weekblad, 08/07/2019

Bent u in een artikel wel eens gewaarschuwd voor ‘te hoge’ aandelenkoersen? Of hebt u wel eens gelezen dat de koersen op het punt staan te kelderen door overgewaardeerde aandelen of ‘gevaarlijke’ beursrecords?

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Schommelende olieprijs geen struikelblok Nederland

By Ken Fisher, De Telegraaf, 07/18/2019

De meningen over olie zijn verdeeld; de prijzen zullen omhoogschieten vanwege de oplopende spanningen in het Midden-Oosten, of dalen door de stagnerende wereldwijde economische groei. Welke kant het ook opgaat, volgens de kenners zullen de Europese en Nederlandse economie, en daarmee ook de aandelen, rake klappen krijgen.

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Ken Fisher: Fed rate-cut timing is politically motivated

By Ken Fisher, CNN Money Switzerland, 07/17/2019

Companies are hiring, factory output is rising, and consumers are spending. The U.S. economy looks less and less like its headed for a recession. So then why is the Federal Reserve still likely to cut rates later this month? For political leverage, says billionaire investor Ken Fisher.

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Mythen over begrotingstekorten ontkrachten

By Fisher Investments, Beurs, 07/09/2019

Begin mei kraakte de Europese Commissie de groeiramingen van Duitsland voor 2019, waarna berichten circuleerden dat de Duitse regering, die bekendstaat om haar begrotingsdiscipline, genoodzaakt zou zijn haar begrotingsevenwicht los te laten.

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Down with the Dow

By Fisher Investments, Reuters Plus, 07/09/2019

Do you watch the Dow? On television shows and newspaper headlines, you’ll often hear “Dow rises/drops a record XXXX points!” But the Dow is wrought with issues in our view.

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Shattering the Debt Ceiling Myth

By Fisher Investments, Real Clear Markets, 07/08/2019

Like a summer blockbuster sequel, debt ceiling chatter is back in the news, thanks partly to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s recent Congressional testimony.

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Hoe beleggers kunnen profiteren van aandelensectoren

By Fisher Investments, IEX, 07/03/2019

Op de wereldwijde aandelenmarkten hebben beleggers de keuze uit duizenden effecten. Elk effect afzonderlijk bekijken, alsof het geen overeenkomsten heeft met andere effecten, zou onbegonnen werk zijn voor aandelenanalisten of -beleggers. Gelukkig zien wij talloze manieren om effecten in te delen in categorieën om u een handje te helpen bij uw analyse.

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Xi Reportedly Ready To Offer Trump Trade Deal At G-20

By Ken Fisher, Yahoo! Finance, 06/27/2019

President Trump is set to meet with President Xi at the G- 20 Summit tomorrow in Osaka, Japan, and China has put forward a list of demands in exchange for a trade truce with the U.S. Fisher Investments Founder, Ken Fisher, joins Yahoo Finance live from Camas, Washington to discuss.

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Fed Likely To Announce Rate Cuts Today

By Michael Hanson, Yahoo! Finance, 06/19/2019

Michael Hanson, Senior VP of Research at Fisher Investments, says that what is "most important for investors today is to think about the global liquidity environment. It's not just about the Fed." Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozzi speak to him.

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Een inleiding in top-down-portefeuillebeheer

By Fisher Investments, Beurs, 06/18/2019

Hoe maakt u een keuze uit de tienduizenden effecten die het beleggingsuniversum telt? Uit ervaring weten we dat er onder professionele beleggers twee algemene denkrichtingen bestaan.

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Geniet nog even van Europese aandelen

By Ken Fisher, Telegraaf, 06/18/2019

In april schreef ik al over de ’sweet spot’ in Amerika die voortvloeit uit de politieke impasse tijdens het derde en vierde jaar van een ambtstermijn. Kenmerkend voor een derde jaar is dat het vroeg op gang komt en dat gebeurde ook in 2019. De Amerikaanse aandelen stegen tot eind mei met 13,6%, meer dan de aandelen wereldwijd die 12,6% stegen.

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Inleiding in rentecurves: wat zijn het en welke invloed hebben ze op uw beleggingen?

By Fisher Investments, Beleggers Belangen, 06/17/2019

De rentecurve is een grafiek die voor alle looptijden de rente van een land weergeeft – van de door de centrale bank vastgestelde korte rente tot rentes op langlopende, beursgenoteerde staatsobligaties. De rentecurve wordt algemeen beschouwd als een betrouwbare voorspellende indicator van de economie. In dit artikel leggen we uit waarom de rentecurve volgens ons een goede indicator is en hoe we tegenwoordig rentecurves interpreteren.

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Instinct en beleggen

By Fisher Investments, Elsevier Weekblad, 06/17/2019

Instinct is onderdeel van wat ons menselijk maakt. Nuttig of niet, ons instinct komt telkens weer om de hoek kijken bij onze dagelijkse besluitvormingsprocessen.

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Fed Isn't 'As Relevant As People Think': Ken Fisher

By Ken Fisher, Yahoo! Finance, 06/05/2019

Investment manager Ken Fisher is weighing in on the Fed's latest moves, telling Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous, Brian Sozzi and Scott Gamm that "I don't think the Fed's as relevant as people think it is," and "it's the global yield curve that matters, not the American yield curve."

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Seeing Through the Sea of Pre-2020 Democratic Tax Plans

By Fisher Investments, Real Clear Markets, 06/03/2019

With 2019 nearly halfway through, 2020’s US presidential election is starting to take shape. Nearly two dozen Democratic presidential hopefuls have thrown their hats into the ring officially, with more entries possible.

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Market Impact of Theresa May's Resignation

By Michael Hanson, Yahoo! Finance, 05/24/2019

As political uncertainty continues across the board, Theresa May is planning to resign as U.K. Prime Minster. Yahoo Finance Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozzi discuss how it'll impact the markets with Fisher Investments' SVP of Research, Mike Hanson.

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Sui titoli Ue il beneficio del pressing populista

By Ken Fisher, 05/24/2019

Il mese scorso ho parlato dell'impatto rialzista senza precedenti provocato dallo stallo politico statunitense sui rendimenti del mercato azionario mondiale nel 2019. In modo analogo, anche le elezioni europee, previste per maggio, rappresentano un fattore rialzista, in quanto dovrebbero provocare

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What the Huawei Ban Means for U.S.-China Trade Negotiations

By Michael Hanson, Cheddar, 05/21/2019

Google has announced that its cutting business ties with Huawei, dealing a major blow to Chinese telecom's company's ambitions of being the number one smartphone maker in the world. Mike Hanson, Fisher Investments' Senior Vice President of Research joined Cheddar to discuss how much leverage this ban buys the U.S. during stalled China trade negotiations.

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Negatieve rentetarieven positieve verrassing

By Ken Fisher, De Telegraaf, 05/14/2019

Het economisch vertrouwen in de eurozone daalde in april voor de tiende maand op rij. Uit een enquête onder fondsbeheerders blijkt dat men over het algemeen denkt dat Europese aandelen meer zullen dalen dan andere activa.

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Don’t Bail Over 'Breakevenitis'

By Damian Ornani, Trustnet, 05/14/2019

Damian Ornani, chief executive at Fisher Investments, considers 'breakevenitis' and the temptation to dump stocks after they have recouped previous declines.

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Stay or Sell in May?

By Fisher Investments, Reuters Plus, 05/07/2019

This time of year, one refrain reigns supreme among investors: “Sell in May and go away.” 

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