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Fisher Investments writes articles and views on the markets and economy. Chairman and Director Ken Fisher, wrote a monthly “Portfolio Strategy” column for Forbes for over 30 years, making him the longest continuously running columnist in the magazine’s 100 year history. He is a regular contributor to several publications, including Germany’s Focus Money; Denmark’s leading business newspaper, Børsen; the Netherland’s largest newspaper, De Telegraaf; Switzerland’s leading business paper, Handelszeitung; Spain’s largest business website and newspaper, elEconomista; Italy’s third largest newspaper and number one business paper, Il Sole 24 Ore; France’s L’Opinion; Belgium’s La Libre; Austria’s Trend; Caixin—often referred to as the Bloomberg of China; the Hong Kong Economic Journal; Taiwan’s Business Weekly; South Korea’s largest business paper, Chosun Mint; and Japan’s Diamond Weekly. Ken authored 11 books, including 4 New York Times bestsellers—and has been published, interviewed and written about in publications globally. His research has been showcased in numerous scholarly journals, representing his commitment to original insight and analysis across the academic spectrum of investing. Any of the articles, books or commentary produced by the Fisher organization may be available to clients through their Investment Counselor.

The Hidden Bullish Reality Behind China Default Fears

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 05/03/2021

Many pundits warn China’s debt woes doom it’s post-COVID recovery-- and that of the world. They point to high-profile corporate defaults and downgrades cascading into a debt tsunami destined to reverberate globally—especially with China reducing stimulus. But that isn’t just wrong, it’s backwards.

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What Flip-Flopping Dollar Fears Say About The Stock Market

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 04/14/2021

Remember last summer? Pundits warned the falling dollar foretold economic and market doom? Continued growth and surging stocks proved notions of greenback prescience were phooey. Now, doomers fear the reverse: a rising dollar—claiming it signals a stalling global recovery—and looming danger for US stocks. More hogwash.

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The Hidden Lesson in Tech Stocks’ Winter Stumble

By Ken Fisher, LinkedIn, 03/31/2021

Pundits are crowing—arguing Tech’s year-to-date lag marks the start of a major market shift. Yes, again. To them, this time is for sure. They say vaccine rollouts, fast-approaching re-openings and rising interest rates killed the sector’s pandemic-era dominance—bad news for investors with big tilts toward the Tech-heavy S&P 500. Maybe! I’d bet not.

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$1.9 Trillion Glimmers Of Gridlock's Greatness For Stocks

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 03/12/2021

The Green New Deal. Medicare for All. Huge income and capital gainstax hikes. Wealth taxes. These policy ideas, and similar others, plagued many investors since 2020’s election campaign kicked off. Now, halfway through the Democrat-“controlled” government’s first 100 days, the recent debate over the administration’s $1.9 trillion COVID aid package showed you again those extreme ideas stand no chance. Gridlock rules Washington—a positive for stocks.

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How to Know What Everyone Else Is Sweating, So That You Don't Have To

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 03/01/2021

Heard this one yet? British and American value stocks are set to surge as swift vaccine rollouts accelerate reopening. How could you not? This theory, or versions of it, gobsplatter financial  airwaves everywhere. But acting on this forgets one key timeless lesson 2020’s stock market taught: the more headlines hype something, the more you know markets already weighed it—and moved on past it.

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‘Why’ Is Always Crucial. Why It’s Not Time For Value Stocks

By Ken Fisher, LinkedIn, 03/01/2021

Value bulls claim COVID vaccines and approaching business reopenings mean this is just the start of a long run—and that economically sensitive value stocks are poised for their typical, lengthy early bull market boom. Maybe. But I don’t think so, and I don’t think it much matters. Why? Let me explain.

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Yes, I Do Believe That The Stock Market Is Rigged

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 02/12/2021

The hubbub surrounding GameStop’s recent boom—and bust—has many bemoaning retail investors getting the shaft. Brokerages halted trading in hedge funds’ favor, allegedly. Congressional hearings loom, with opportunistic politicians from both parties screeching about markets stacked against the “little guy.” As i see it, they’re rigged to benefit investors big and small. Today, it’s easier than ever to take advantage. Let me explain.

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False Fears Are Always Bullish. So Is Global Gridlock

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 01/28/2021

America’s tense election and inauguration are now behind us. The last bit of U.S. election uncertainty? Gone. Next up--a toothless global political year. With few elections scheduled and gridlock ruling globally, big legislation won’t come from any major economy in 2021. Pockets of political uncertainty are small and far-flung. Enjoy the inactivity as stocks ride gridlock higher.

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Enjoy The Quiet In 2021, But Be Vigilant About The End

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 01/20/2021

Despite 2020’s angst, the global economy is poised to rebound. Sentiment is warming. A politically tumultuous lame-duck stretch should yield to an increasingly benign political backdrop. It’s a recipe for US and world stocks to shine in 2021. Keep your cool, though—while most believe we are early in the upturn, I see this bull market stealthily slipping into its later stages.

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Stay Cool, The Time For Bearishness Isn't Too Far Ahead

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 01/05/2021

Can anything stop this bull market? Seemingly ever fewer investors think so. The unadulterated panic ruling markets last February and March seems ancient, with increasingly optimistic pundits seeing gains ahead. That view seems justified. But its rapid spread symbolizes a warning: Just as you had to conquer your emotions to reap this nine-month-old bull market’s gains to date, you now must keep emotion at bay—just a different one.

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Investing to Secure Your Legacy

By Fisher Investments, Real Clear Markets, 12/22/2020

Don’t leave your financial legacy to chance. Planning now can help your loved ones when they need it most.

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ECB Rolls Out More Stimulus Measures

By Staff, Reuters Plus, 12/10/2020

The European Central Bank announced more stimulus measures on Thursday, including the increase and expansion of its debt purchase scheme, to help the region’s economy cope with the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Cheer Vaccine Makers' Breakthroughs, But Don't Chase Their Stocks

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 12/08/2020

That multiple COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out globally has sparked widespread hope—and pharma fever among investors. Snap up vaccinemaker shares now, the thinking goes, and you’ll catch a slice of the riches these moonshots promise. But beware.

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For Stocks, First Year Gridlock Is 2021 Christmas Come July

By Ken Fisher, LinkedIn, 12/07/2020

With just weeks before Georgia’s two January 5th Senate runoff votes that will determine “control” of the chamber, agitation grows. But to stocks, the election’s outcome is already clear. Come 2021, gridlock rules America. Set aside your party biases briefly and let me show you why this is great investing news.

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China's Powerful Rebound Should Have Investors Bullish Here

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 11/10/2020

For investors, it is critical to understand that stocks don’t view China— or any country—through a sociopolitical lens. Follow their lead and you’ll see how China adds fuel to the global bull market—and proves normalcy can return post-pandemic.

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Reality And Expectations: 2020 Revealed Your True Risk Tolerance

By Michael Hanson, LinkedIn, 11/09/2020

It may never get better than 2020 to know yourself as an investor. COVID-19, dastardly in its ability to spread so readily and affect so many, not only creates money problems—it creates real existential threat. Couple that with the most contentious US election in memory, and you have a veritable (albeit emotionally painful) lab to test your true risk tolerance.

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September's Stock Slide Won't De-FANG This Bull Market

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 09/25/2020

Tech is tanking, so bye-bye bull market—that’s logic many pundits peddled ever since the FANGs and big name Tech stocks started September’s swoon. They claim Tech fueled the market’s post-March rise--so what kills Tech, kills this young bull market, too. It sounds compelling. But it’s wrong. This global rebound—and Tech’s leadership in it—is far more durable than most fathom. Here’s why.

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Fisher Investments on REITs

By Fisher Investments, Reuters Plus, 09/16/2020

Before you load up on high dividend-paying REITs, Fisher Investments wants you to make sure you understand what you are targeting.

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Value Isn't Dead, But No Sector Is Ever 'Due' For A Rally

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 09/03/2020

Depending on who you ask, value stocks are set to soar….or dead as a doornail. Value’s tub-thumpers say growth stocks’ decade-plus dominance can’t endure—particularly with value’s penchant for zooming early in bull markets. Disbelievers argue Big Tech’s supremacy alongside private equity and indexing’s rise seal value’s casket. Wrong and wrong. Value isn’t dead. But the 2020 bear market’s peculiarities make a nearterm comeback unlikely. Here’s why.

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A Recession Primer for Recessionary Times

By Fisher Investments, Real Clear Markets, 08/03/2020

In their latest article with RealClearMarkets, Fisher Investments discusses why the global recession doesn’t necessarily spell future trouble for stocks.

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Here's Why You Need A Financial Date Night

By Jill Hitchcock, Cashay, 07/17/2020

Last month, I wrote about the importance of naming your family’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO)—someone designated to manage the family budget and finances. If you’ve just been asked (or “voluntold”) to be your family’s CFO, you should dedicate your first 90 days on the job to identifying and planning for your long-term financial goals.

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To Gain An Investing Edge Analyze The Data Devotees, Not The Data

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 07/10/2020

How can you gain an investing edge? That timeless question has confounded investors almost forever. Many fixate on data, thinking quick data access mines magical statistical relationships. “Quantitative” fund managers run vast sums on this premise. It isn’t just them: Belief in data’s dominance abounds.

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The Behavioral Bias Blinding Investors To A New Bull Market

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 06/23/2020

Legendary 19th century financier JP Morgan said, “A man generally has two good reasons for doing a thing—one that sounds good, and a real one.” Pundits cite loads of seemingly smart reasons you should dismiss global stocks’ rally since March. But their real reason? Admitting the upturn is real also admits they were wrong.

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My thoughts on the new bull market

By Ken Fisher, LinkedIn, 06/17/2020

The best forecaster the world has ever known, the stock market, had to pre-price the reality of the grim economic impact of global governmentalimposed lockdowns aimed to slow the spread of coronavirus. But after that, the S&P 500 recovered over 75% of its losses and isn’t far from new record highs.

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Reality and Expectations: High-Frequency Investing Mistakes

By Michael Hanson, LinkedIn, 06/11/2020

Just recently, there’s been a gluttonous grab for “high-frequency data”—mostly daily, sometimes hourly, off-the-beaten track information investors believe gives them a clue about what happens next in today’s chaotic environment. So, instead of waiting for monthly services and manufacturing PMIs to rear their ugly heads, for example, people are instead looking to OpenTable’s daily restaurant bookings for hints on the recovery.

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Fisher Investments Opens Major, New Office in Tampa Bay Area, Florida

By Fisher Investments, PR Newswire, 06/09/2020

Fisher Investments, one of the world's largest independent, fee-only investment advisers, announced the opening of a new, full-service Tampa, Florida office. Located in the Westshore business district, it is Fisher's first major East Coast facility and will eventually accommodate 600 employees.

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