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Fisher Investments’ Private Client Group is structured to help individuals and families achieve their long-term investment goals and objectives.

Over 155,000* Clients Globally Entrust Us as Stewards of Their Financial Futures

*As of 7/1/2024. Includes Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries.

Our Wealth Management Services

We provide a tailored approach to investment management and financial planning that puts our clients first. This starts with a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation that informs your investment strategy and considers important factors outside of your portfolio. If you already own investments such as annuities, Fisher Investments can discuss and provide information about them to help determine if they make sense for your investment goals. This results in a personalized investing approach consistent with your goals and needs.

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Financial Planning

Our approach to financial planning is simple. Where some firms might create a seemingly complex financial plan in order to sell you pre-packaged, commission-based products, Fisher Investments doesn’t. Instead, we focus on providing you with a personalized plan that serves as the basis for a portfolio tailored to your financial situation and goals.

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Portfolio Management

We don’t sell cookie-cutter portfolios. We take time to understand your overall financial situation, including your financial goals, needs, investment time horizon and much more. At the conclusion of this detailed review, we provide you with a portfolio strategy recommendation that we believe will maximize the probability of achieving your investment goals and objectives.

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Annuity Evaluation

We frequently see investors who were sold annuities that don’t support their financial goals or investors who bought an annuity but didn’t fully understand the fees, costs, penalties or other important details. In our view, there are often better options for your wealth.

Our Annuity Evaluation Program offers a no-obligation annuity contract review. Following our review, we’ll present you with a summary of your annuity and key details to consider. If you determine an annuity isn’t right for you and your financial goals, we’ll explain your options.

Working With Us

Account Size

If you have $500,000 or more in investable assets, contact us today to find out how our Private Client Group can help you achieve a successful financial future in retirement.


We charge one simple fee based on the amount of assets we manage for you. We structure our fees so we do better when you do better. There are no hidden or layered fees.


We provide transparent performance measurement—net of our fees—so you can accurately track progress over time toward your long-term financial goals.

A Global Investment Manager Who Is Focused on You

  • Proactive Advice
  • Institutional Expertise
  • Global Opportunities
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Proactive Advice

As a client, you’ll hear regularly from an Investment Counselor who knows you by name and keeps you updated on your portfolio strategy and investments. Our goal is to help you understand what is going on in your account and why—so you feel comfortable with your strategy.

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Institutional Expertise

Corporations, pension funds, endowments and other institutions conduct in-depth analysis and thoroughly scrutinize a number of investment advisers before hiring one. Fisher Investments has a long history of managing assets for such institutions and provides that institutional knowledge to individuals and families. Investing with us means you get a disciplined investment strategy along with our high-touch client service.

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Global Opportunities

We seek to maximize opportunities and manage risk by investing globally. Many investors wrongly focus solely on stocks from their home country. We believe this ignores vast investment opportunities. Home-country bias may also lead to a lack of portfolio diversification. Investing globally helps us take advantage of worldwide opportunities other money managers may miss.

Our Approach

  • Understand Your Financial Goals
  • Tailor a Portfolio for You
  • Keep You on Track
  • Provide Continuous Education
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Understand Your Financial Goals

Every investor’s situation is unique. Having a good understanding of your financial goals is an important first step in the wealth management process. We listen to your needs, assess your situation and work with you to develop an investment strategy that helps achieve your goals. Whether you are just starting to plan for your retirement or are already there, our guidance can help keep you on track.

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Tailor a Portfolio for You

We begin by getting a thorough understanding of your personal situation, goals and needs. We use this information in our top-down investment process to determine the mix of stocks, bonds, cash or other securities that maximizes the likelihood of reaching your financial goals. We believe this decision has the biggest impact on returns over time.

From there, we emphasize parts of the market we believe will perform best, such as different countries and stock market sectors.

Finally, we analyze individual securities and select the ones we believe best capture our high-level views.

We believe this flexible, active approach to portfolio management enables us to capitalize on global investing opportunities and help you achieve your financial goals.

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Keep You on Track

As a client, you’ll hear from us regularly to make sure you're informed about our market outlook and help ensure your portfolio continues to serve your financial needs. Many investors are often tempted to stray from the path to their financial goals, which is why we focus on providing unparalleled client service. As a client, you’ll have an Investment Counselor who provides you with regular, ongoing updates on the market and your portfolio.

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Provide Continuous Education

Once you become a client, your Investment Counselor will serve as a long-term resource for information and support. You’ll also have access to exclusive educational resources such as seminars, webinars and other communications from senior members of the firm’s investment team.

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How We're Different

Investors have a lot of wealth management options these days. But with so many choices, it can be hard to know what’s best for you. We believe in a tailored investment management approach. There are no cookie-cutter portfolios, no high-commission investment products and no commissions on trades.

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