Profit Sharing

A plan option that can help business owners maximize tax benefits and reward their employees.

Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing is a type of employer contribution that can be utilized within a 401(k) plan to help business owners maximize their tax benefits in the plan.

What is Profit Sharing

Profit sharing plans are a special kind of retirement plan that allow employers to make contributions to employees' accounts based on company profitability.

Why Profit Sharing

Adding a Profit Sharing provision to the 401(k) plan allows the business owner to contribute up to $67,500 per year, compared to only $27,000 with a 401(k) plan alone.

How Profit Sharing Works

There are many options when it comes to Profit Sharing. Fisher is one of America's top advisory firms, and we have deep experience helping business owners set up Profit Sharing strategies tailored to their needs.

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ForThe Power of Profit Sharing

The Power of Profit Sharing

Watch this short video to learn how successful business owners can leverage a Profit Sharing component in their 401(k) to optimize the plan for tax savings.

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Compare Plans

Compare the different types of profit sharing to help determine which might be best fit for your business.
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Profit Sharing Case Study

See how a business owner can leverage a Profit Sharing component to reduce her 401(k) costs by $51k per year.
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Profit Sharing Guide

Learn how to maximize your Profit Sharing Plan to reduce plan costs and capture more tax savings.

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