Have You Seen Fisher Investments’ TV Commercials?

You may have seen Fisher Investments’ commercials, where we discuss retirement planning, annuities and mutual funds. We hope you found that information useful, and we’d like to tell you more about what sets Fisher Investments apart than we could through a short TV spot.

Through our commercials, Fisher Investments hopes to alert investors to common flaws in financial products. We believe many of the investment vehicles commonly sold by broker-dealers, insurance companies or other type of advisers aren’t always the best fit for the investor. These include the products discussed in our commercials:

Mutual Funds – While mutual funds are a fine way for beginner investors to diversify, they can be inefficient for those with larger portfolios. As noted in our commercials, we see many sophisticated investors using them despite they may:

  • Raise the investor’s taxes if a fund manager sells holdings with capital gains
  • Have higher trading and management fees than direct investing
  • Serve the interests of a pool of investors, not an individual’s long-term investment goals

Annuities –Annuities can fill a role of transferring some risk of outliving savings from the investor, but it’s important to remember their role as insurance product and not an investment. When used as a primary investment vehicle, the long-term outcomes of annuities can be disappointing, and possibly even dangerous to your retirement goals. Before committing to an annuity, be sure you understand they:

  • Often carry high, layered fees
  • Can be complex, far more than we can cover in a 30-second commercial
  • Can be difficult or costly to get out of

As we mentioned on TV, Fisher Investments believes the real beneficiaries of these financial products are usually the salespeople, who often make large commissions on selling suboptimal products to investors. This doesn’t seem right to us—which was why we created our commercials in the first place. At Fisher Investments, our goal is to better the investment universe, and more importantly, help investors successfully achieve their retirement goals.

An Adviser You Can Trust

Running out of money in retirement is devastating, and many struggle to plan for retirement on their own. Investors can benefit from having an investment adviser they can trust. At Fisher Investments, we think you should receive the best investment advice. If you’ve seen our commercials, you know that Fisher Investments can help you identify your investment goals and create a holistic plan to help you achieve them. In this process, we look at:

  • Time horizon
  • Investment goals
  • Income needs
  • Tax considerations
  • And more

In addition to offering advice on all facets of your investment strategy, Fisher Investments will also provide you with the world-class client service that the brokers and other advisers we mentioned on TV can’t provide. Some of the various services we offer include:

  • Helping you clearly define your retirement goals
  • Planning both how to save and spend for retirement
  • Offering knowledge and support to help keep you on track to achieve your long-term investment goals
  • Actively managing your personal portfolio through a variety of market conditions

There’s a difference between retiring and retiring well—we focus on helping you with the latter. At Fisher Investments, we are experienced in helping clients meet their individual goals to retire comfortably.

To learn more information on any of the subjects you’ve seen in Fisher Investments’ TV commercials, call now and request an appointment to discuss your situation. Or, review our selection of free investment and retirement guides: