Retirement Plan Advisers

Fisher Investments Personalized Retirement Outcomes (PRO) is a next-generation retirement managed account solution supporting retirement plan advisers.

Solutions For Retirement Plan Advisers (PRO)

We created PRO to help improve retirement outcomes for participants and their plan sponsors. PRO is available as an affordable qualified default investment alternative (QDIA) or as an additional election option.

Help Improve Retirement Outcomes for Your Clients and Their Participants

As a retirement plan adviser, you stand with your plan sponsor clients as fiduciaries. The best interests of the plan participants are your primary concern. That’s why we created the Fisher Investments Personalized Retirement Outcomes (PRO) solution—to help improve retirement outcomes for participants and their plan sponsors.

Fiduciary Investment Adviser Meeting With A Client About Financial Goals and A Personalized Investment Portfolio

Deliver Personalization

The PRO Solution allows you to offer your clients and their participants a personalized investment experience based on readily available data from the plan’s record keeper. Participants can log into the PRO web portal to provide additional information, which helps allow for even more portfolio personalization.

Two portfolio managers plan a globally diversified investment portfolio

Participants Are More Than Just Their Age

Target date funds—a commonly used qualified default investment alternative (QDIA)—don’t account for differences in individual circumstances among investors. By focusing solely on age, target date funds can miss many opportunities to appropriately adjust participants’ asset allocations as their individual circumstances change over the course of their working life. Fisher Investments PRO allows you to offer your clients something different.

The PRO Difference

With a unique managed account structure, Fisher Investments PRO can provide personalization, active investment management and top-tier service in a package that integrates with the current defined contribution plan structure and service providers.

  • Active Management from a Knowledgeable Team
  • We Work the Way You Want to Work
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Active Management from a Knowledgeable Team

PRO Participants receive the benefit of actively managed investment funds advised or managed by Fisher Investments' Investment Policy Committee (IPC) allowing for cohesive and effectively communicated management in addition to providing risk controls if we forecast a change in market conditions.

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We Work the Way You Want to Work

Fisher Investments PRO can customize the level of support we provide to plan advisers. We can help with analytics reporting, enrollment support, call centers, educational webinars, marketing support to help drive engagement and enrollment, onboarding assistance and actively managed investments (even ESG versions of the platform)—all for a very competitive price.

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Discover the Difference

Learn more about how Fisher Investments PRO can help you deliver better retirement outcomes for your plan sponsor clients and their participants.