Participant Managed Accounts

Fisher Investments Personalized Retirement Outcomes (PRO) is a next-generation retirement managed account solution created to help improve retirement outcomes for participants and plan sponsors, while allowing plan advisers to offer a uniquely personalized investment experience.

The PRO Difference

PRO participants receive the benefit of actively managed investment funds advised or managed by Fisher Investments’ Investment Policy Committee (IPC).

This helps allow for cohesive and effectively communicated management. Our actively managed funds can also help provide risk controls if we forecast a change in market conditions.

PRO Benefits Participants and Plan Sponsors

Accessible as a Default or Opt-In Solution:

Available to a retirement plan as an affordable qualified default investment alternative (QDIA) or as an additional election option for participants.

Personalized Participant Allocations:

Personalized participant allocations: PRO provides personalized asset allocations for each individual participant, using information provided by the recordkeeper. PRO implements and monitors personalized asset allocations without requiring participant engagement.

Streamlined Benchmarking:

PRO’s consistent and streamlined portfolio-construction approach gives participants diversification without complexity. Our approach allows easy benchmarking capabilities for plan sponsors and their retirement advisers.

Easy Engagement:

PRO offers an easy-to-use online portal for participants who would like a better understanding of their retirement outlook. Participants can easily provide additional information (such as spousal age and outside income) that could further help refine their personal asset allocations.

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A Better Alternative for Participants and Employers

PRO QDIA® is a new option for retirement plans, designed as a better alternative to target date funds. The PRO QDIA® allows you to offer participants a better default investment option, providing an asset allocation tailored to their personal situations rather than solely their age.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can help better prepare your employees for retirement, please reach out to us.

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Personalized Retirement Outcomes (PRO) Overview

Learn more about all the advantages of Fisher Investments PRO for both participants and plan sponsors in this free detailed guide.

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