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How We Tailor a Portfolio for Each Client

At Fisher Investments, we can tailor our investment strategy depending on our forward-looking market views as well as your personal objectives and investment mandates.

We have been managing discretionary assets for over 40 years and remain committed to building portfolios that reflect our clients' values and help achieve their investment goals.

Considerations for a Tailored Portfolio

Other money managers may take an age-based approach or have you fill out a basic questionnaire to determine an optimal asset allocation or investment strategy. At Fisher Investments, we take a comprehensive portfolio management approach, entailing a thorough information-gathering process that considers a variety of factors to create tailored portfolios for our clients.

Some factors we may consider to create optimal long-term investment strategies for our clients include:

  • Investment Objectives – Is long-term growth your primary portfolio goal for your portfolio? Looking for a certain level of cash flow? Some combination?
  • Your Time Horizon – How long will you need your money to be working toward your objectives?
  • Cash-Flow Requirements – How should your portfolio be managed to accommodate your cash-flow needs?
  • Outside Income and Assets – How are your outside assets positioned and how does your managed account fit into your overall net worth? Do you receive cash flow from sources other than your portfolio?
  • Capital Gains – How can we address the impact of capital gains taxes?*
  • Restrictions or Customizations – What other personal needs or desires should we consider?
  • Risk Tolerance – Are you comfortable with our recommendation and is it suited to your stated investment objectives and time horizon for your portfolio?
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See Our Investment Guides

The world of investing can seem like a giant maze. Fisher Investments has developed several informational and educational guides tackling a variety of investing topics.

A Personalized Portfolio Analysis and Recommendation

At the onset of your relationship with Fisher Investments, your Investment Counselor will spend time with you to understand your long-term investment goals and objectives. Our Portfolio Evaluation Group, under the direction of our Investment Policy Committee, uses this information to provide you with a personalized portfolio analysis and investment strategy recommendation.

As your circumstances change, your portfolio needs may too. Your Investment Counselor will regularly review your individual situation with you and keep you abreast of our views on capital markets and important developments related to your portfolio.

*The contents of this webpage should not be construed as tax advice. Please contact your tax professional.

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