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Hiring the right plan advisor can have a huge impact on retirement savings for you and your plan participants.

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Fisher 401(k) Solutions supports a wide range of retirement plan types for
businesses, governments and non-profits.


Fisher supports 403(b) 9 plan types for non-profits as well as add-on plans like Non-Qualified Defined Contributions (NQDCs), HSAs and more

Small Business

Fisher supports 401(k) plans for small businesses (<$20MM plan assets), as well as add-on plans like Cash Balance, NQDC, ESOPs, and more


Fisher supports 401(k) plans for larger businesses (<$20MM plan assets), as well as add-on plans like NQDC, ESOPs, Defined Benefit plans, and more


Fisher supports 457(b) and 401(a) plans for government entities, as well as add-on plans like 457(f), NQDC, HSAs, and more

Choose Plan Services

Fisher provides services that other providers can't or won't provide.

Plans and available services.
<10 Employees 10-100 employees >100 employees
Optional auto-enrollment Yes Yes Yes
Options for Roth, Safe Harbor, employer match, vesting, eligibility, and loans Yes Yes Yes
Supports add-on plan (eg. Cash Balance, ESOP, NQDC) No Yes Yes
Supports after-tax contributions No Yes No
Fisher Investments acts as 3(38) Investment Manager Yes Yes Yes
Fund line up can include Fisher-managed CIT funds and actively managed funds No Yes Yes
Self-Directed Brokerage Account Option No Yes Yes
Ongoing plan management support, including help with payroll, compliance testing, benchmarking, and audit file Yes Yes Yes
Service guarantee that includes a fee waiver Yes Yes Yes
Single point of contact for all plan servicing needs No Yes Yes
Fiduciary education for plan committee No No Yes
Proactive analysis of supplemental plan types No No Yes
Proactive recordkeeper RFP No No Yes
One-on-one meetings available for all employees Yes Yes Yes
Spanish (and other language) support available Yes Yes Yes
Proactive outreach to newly eligible employees No Yes Yes
Onsite servicing available No Yes Yes
Dedicated retirement counselor No Yes Yes
3(21) Participant Advice option No No Yes
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Retirement Plans

We specialize in tailoring retirement plan solutions that help your employees succeed.

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Employer Service

Fisher 401(k) Solutions redefines what it means to be a partner in retirement by offering a range of services that other providers can't or won't provide.

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Investment Solutions

As one of America's top advisers, Fisher offers a wide variety of investment solutions to meet the needs of plan participants.

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