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As one of America's top advisers, Fisher offers a wide variety of investment solutions to meet the needs of plan participants.

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Fisher provides flexible investment solutions, superior fund management, and ongoing investment guidance that generates wealth for your plan participants.

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Superior Fund Management

Fisher analyzes over 25K funds to find the best options for our fund lineup and provides rigorous ongoing fund monitoring.

  • “Best-in-breed” 3(38) investment manager (as recognized by the Center for Fiduciary Excellence)
  • Access to open architecture funds and institutional share classes
  • 78% lower fund fees1
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Flexible Investment Solutions

From ‘Do It for Me’ to ‘Do It Myself’, Fisher offers a wide variety of investment solutions to meet the needs of plan participants.

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Superior Investment Guidance

As one of America's top financial advisers, we work with you to optimize your retirement program and provide ongoing one-on-one financial guidance to plan participants to maximixe their wealth creation.

  • Individualized goal planning
  • Tailored asset allocation and sub-asset allocation guidance.
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Your Interest First

As a 3(38) Investment Manager, we have incentive structures that are aligned with your success. No revenue sharing, no kickbacks or commissions. When you do better, we do better.

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4 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Provider

Find out the 4 most critical questions to ask when evaluating a new plan adviser for your small business.

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Fund Lineup Checklist

When was the last time you reviewed the fund lineup in your company's 401(k) plan? Use our checklist to identify opportunities to improve your fund lineup.
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Free 401(k) Provider Evaluation Checklist

Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Plan Advisor

Find out the 8 most critical questions to ask when evaluating a new plan advisor for your small business

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1The fund fees calculation is based on data gathered for 500+ retirement plans considering hiring Fisher between January 2022 and June 2022. Improvement is measured by taking the mean of the actual fees paid by the prospect to fund investment managers for their existing fund lineup and comparing it to the mean of the estimated fund fees of the Fisher proposed fund lineup.