Auto Enrollment, Vesting & Eligibility

Plan sponsors can designate specific plan participation parameters to help reduce cost, increase plan participation, and increase retention.  

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401(k) Plan Features


Eligibility determines when a new employee can start saving into the plan, what categories of employees can enroll ( e.g., age, hours worked, etc.) and when an employee can enroll (e.g., monthly or annually).


A vesting schedule determines when contributions made by the employer will be fully owned by the employee. Vesting schedules vary, but most 401(k) plans have a vesting schedule of three to five years.

Auto Enrollment

Automatic enrollment is a 401(k) plan feature that automatically enrolls your eligible employees into your 401(k) plan and gets them started with contributing a portion of their salary at a preset rate.

Plan Features Checklist

Plan Features Checklist

When's the last time you assessed your plan features? Use our checklist to identify opportunities to improve your plan.

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Case Study

Find out how a business reduced plan costs and increased participation and savings rates by changing their plan features.

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Free Plan Design Analysis

Fisher will help you analyze your current plan features, and help you identify improvement options for your plan.

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