Employee Services

Fisher's wealth generating services enable better participant outcomes.

Better Advice, Better Outcomes

Employee Services

Fisher 401(k) Solutions redefines what it means to be a partner in retirement by offering a range of employee services that other providers can't or won't provide.

  • Proactive Plan Enrollment
  • One-On-One Guidance
  • Wide Range of Investment Solutions
  • Multilingual Servicing
Proactive Plan Enrollment
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Proactive Plan Enrollment

We offer one-on-one onsite plan enrollment meetings. Employees who are unable to attend the 401(k) enrollment day (or who are newly eligible) will receive a personal follow-up call to ensure that they have an opportunity to enroll and start saving.

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One-On-One Guidance

Retirement planning isn’t easy to understand. We know that your employees aren’t all investing experts—and they don’t have to be. Our team of 401(k) specialists help employees create an investment and asset allocation strategy unique to their individual goals.

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Wide Range of Investment Solutions

No two employees are alike. From ‘Do It for Me’ to ‘Do It Myself’, Fisher offers a wide variety of investment solutions to meet the needs of plan participants.

Multilingual Servicing
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Multilingual Service

Fisher offers service support in English and Spanish, and translation services for other languages. Enrollment meetings and written materials may also be available in the language of your preference.

Better Advice, Better Outcomes

Fisher significantly outperforms on three key drivers of wealth creation.


Higher employee participation rates 1


Higher plan participant savings rate 2


Lower fund fees 3
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1 2 Increase in employee participation as of 12/31/21

3 The fund fees calculation is based on data gathered for 500+ retirement plans considering hiring Fisher between January 2022 and June 2022. Improvement is measured by taking the mean of the actual fees paid by the prospective client to fund investment managers for their existing fund lineup and comparing it to the mean of the estimated fund fees of the Fisher proposed fund lineup.