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Proactive Plan Enrollment

Proactive Plan Enrollment

We offer one-on one onsite plan enrollment meetings. Employees who are unable to attend the 401(k) enrollment day (or who are newly eligible) will receive a personal follow-up call to ensure that they have an opportunity to enroll and start saving.

Proactive Plan Enrollment



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Proactive Enrollment

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At Fisher Investments we are passionate about helping American workers get on track to retire comfortably. That’s why we deliver a unique high-touch participant service model to help our clients achieve their retirement goals.

One example of this is our proactive outreach for enrollments. When we get started with a new plan, our dedicated service team proactively reaches out to all eligible employees and offers to meet with them to make sure each one understands how to use their retirement plan. We do the same for all newly eligible employees over the course of the year. The goal of these calls is to personally walk employees through the enrollment process, address any questions they have about the plan, retirement savings, or investments, and help them make positive financial decisions.

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This proactive outreach can have a tremendous impact on participant outcomes. In fact, plans who hire Fisher see on average a:

46% higher participation rates, and an

80% higher savings rates.

This is just one way our high-touch participant service model enables better participant outcomes

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Plans who hire Fisher see on average:

46% higher participation rates1

80% higher savings rate2

1. Average increase in employee participation rates as of 01/01/22

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