Kiplinger Readers' Choice Awards: Wealth Managers

In 2024, Fisher Investments was named on the second annual Kiplinger Readers' Choice Awards Wealth Managers list with outstanding accolades for Quality of Advice and Overall Satisfaction. The Kiplinger Readers’ Choice Awards aim to recognize and celebrate the best products and services in the personal finance arena. Kiplinger asked readers to rate financial products and services based on such criteria as their experience with customer service representatives, how likely they are to recommend the providers to others and how satisfied they are overall with the companies or services. This is Fisher Investments first time being recognized.

Kiplinger readers were invited to take the Readers’ Choice Awards survey on between February 20 and March 15, 2024. The survey was fully completed by 4,528 people. The survey asked respondents to choose the financial product or service that they most frequently use in 13 categories, including wealth management. Readers rated wealth managers based on the quality of financial advice they received, the trustworthiness of the advisers, how likely they would be to recommend the firm to others and their overall satisfaction with the wealth manager. Kiplinger calculated an average (mean) score for each criterion with each provider. They also calculated an overall mean score for all providers for each criterion readers were asked to judge. They then compared individual provider mean scores with the overall mean, and the three highest-scoring providers that had a score above the overall mean won an “outstanding” accolade. Fisher Investments pays a fee for promotion and logo distribution rights. For more, please see and

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