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About Us—Asset Management and Global Investing Opportunities

Fisher Investments Australia® provides investment management services to wholesale clients in Australia and outsources portfolio management to our US parent company, Fisher Investments. Fisher Investments was founded in 1979 by Ken Fisher—the longest continuously running columnist in Forbes magazine’s history.

We believe our focus on putting investors like you first is why over 150,000 clients globally entrust Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries with their investments.[i] Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries manage over $406 billion for individuals, families and institutions around the world. [ii]

You can always expect two things as a client of Fisher Investments Australia®:

First is direct, proactive client service. We are committed to understanding your financial objectives and giving you the confidence and service necessary to reach your long-term investing goals.

Second is personalised portfolio management tailored to your needs. Your asset allocation—the mix of equities, fixed interest, cash and other securities in your portfolio—will be based on your individual investment objectives. You will receive a portfolio we believe is appropriate to reach your investment goals, managed with an investment practice deeply rooted in Fisher Investments’ time-tested, top-level investment processes and philosophies. 

Direct, Proactive Client Service

Managing investment accounts proactively brings with it the responsibility of keeping clients up to date and well informed as to how their investments are performing. Communication is the foundation of Fisher Investments Australia®’s client relationships.

As a client of Fisher Investments Australia®, you will receive a dedicated Investment Counsellor who proactively provides education to you and ensures your asset management needs are being met. Your Investment Counsellor will call you on a regular basis to answer market-related questions, explain our current outlook and discuss portfolio positioning. Your Investment Counsellor is there to help you stay on track along the path to your longer-term financial goals and acts as a liaison to Fisher Investments’ Investment Policy Committee—the five-member group which makes all strategic decisions affecting client portfolios.

Further, you will have access to a wealth of exclusive educational resources—including regular market commentary from Fisher Investments Australia®—so you can stay informed on market developments that matter and how they may affect your portfolio.

Personalised Portfolio Management

To determine a personalised asset allocation and portfolio strategy consistent with your goals and objectives, Fisher Investments Australia® will speak with you in detail to determine your complete financial picture as it relates to the assets we will manage. Based on your individual financial circumstances, we will recommend where deemed suitable, a strategy we feel best fits your particular situation. And as your circumstances change over time, your portfolio may also need to change—so we will regularly and proactively reach out to reassess your needs.

From there, Fisher Investments Australia® outsources portfolio management to Fisher Investments, who constructs your portfolio using its top-down portfolio engineering process.

Fisher Investments’ top-down investing approach analyses economic, political and sentiment drivers to make asset and sub-asset allocation decisions. Based on these drivers, Fisher Investments determines what it believes is the most advantageous blend of country, sector and style factors in keeping with higher-level themes in its outlook and forecast. Once Fisher Investments identifies the areas it believes will perform well, it selects individual securities within those areas. Whilst many in the industry focus solely on security selection, Fisher Investments aims to capitalise on significant opportunities to add value at all levels of the portfolio management process.

Beginning the Journey

As a client of Fisher Investments Australia®, we will take the time to learn about your current investing approach and financial goals. We will then help you develop an asset allocation suitable for your needs.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a client, contact us today!

[i] As of 31/03/2024.

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