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Investment Advice You Can Trust

If you have hopes and dreams of a secure financial future, you will almost certainly have to put a sound investment strategy in place. You are also going to want some investment advice—but not all investment advice is created equal.

Naturally, investors are often confused when making important decisions because investment advice often differs from adviser to adviser. Should you invest everything in a low-yielding savings account or seek more growth in the equity market? What about fixed interest or exchange-traded funds? Unfortunately, some investment advice or recommendations, though well intended, may not be the best available option for you. In our view, investment advice should, first and foremost, be about helping clients reach their individual financial goals—something many rules of thumb fail to accomplish.

At Fisher Investments Australia®, we believe good advice starts with a combination of rigorous analysis, a keen understanding of your long-term financial goals and a desire to better the investment universe through investor education. If nothing else, we hope to help you better decipher the helpful investment advice from the unhelpful.

Our Commitment to Investor Education

Too often, advisers ask investors to blindly trust investment advice, which can lead to confusion and frustration. Fisher Investments Australia® is committed to educating investors and communicating our investment decisions in order to avoid this situation. Education is a key part of our high-touch client service model and whether investors are looking for investment management services or simply want to learn about financial markets, we can help. 

Ken Fisher founded Fisher Investments in 1979. Ken has voiced his original, thought-provoking market views to the wider investing community through his long history of writing and market commentary. His books and articles are used heavily throughout the global Fisher group of companies and serve as an educational resource for our employees and clients alike.

Ken's prestigious Forbes “Portfolio Strategy” column ran from 1984 through 2016, making him the longest continuously running columnist in the magazine’s history. He is a regular contributor to several publications, including the New York Post in the United States; the Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom; Australia’s most read newspaper, The Australian; Denmark’s leading business newspaper, Børsen; Singapore’s The Business Times; Taiwan’s Business Weekly; Caixin—often called the “Bloomberg of China”; South Korea’s largest business paper, Chosun Weekly Biz; the Netherlands’ largest newspaper, De Telegraaf; Japan’s Diamond Weekly; Spain’s largest business website and newspaper, elEconomista; Germany’s Focus Money; Canada’s most read newspaper, The Globe and Mail; Switzerland’s leading business paper, Handelszeitung; the Hong Kong Economic Journal; Italy’s third largest newspaper and number one business paper, Il Sole 24 Ore; France’s L’Opinion; Belgium’s La Libre; the United Arab Emirates’ The National; and Austria’s Trend.. Ken has authored 11 books, including four New York Times bestsellers.

Your Investment Counsellor

Fisher Investments Australia® provides insights through its webpages, brochures and investing guides. Once you have hired Fisher Investments Australia® as your investment manager, we will provide one of our most useful educational offerings—your dedicated Investment Counsellor. Your Investment Counsellor will work to help you understand our current views and your portfolio strategy in a way that is both clear and informative. 

We believe that ongoing education and investment advice is the best way to help investors remain disciplined to their investment strategy and maximise the likelihood they reach their long-term financial goals. As a client, your Investment Counsellor serves as your dedicated point of contact. They are available to answer any market-related questions and can provide updates from Fisher Investments’ Investment Policy Committee (IPC)—the five-member group making high-level investing decisions supporting clients’ personal investing strategies.

A Wide Variety of Investing Insights

We believe it is in your best interest to understand the issues affecting your investment choices and your portfolio whilst helping you learn about a wide variety of investment-related topics, including: 

  • Behavioural finance: your evolutionary hardwiring and personal behaviour can work against you even in the face of persuasive and well-researched investment advice
  • Economic and political analysis: different environments and events can have significant impacts on financial markets
  • Asset allocation analysis: various financial instruments such as equities, fixed interest, cash and other securities can have a huge impact on your portfolio’s long-term return
  • Debunking: traditional “wisdom” and rules of thumb are often misguided or flat out wrong, which may lead to sub-par investment advice

Learning about these topics and other investment advice can help investors plan better and stay on track towards their long-term financial goals. We aim to better the investment universe by helping investors better understand financial news, investment advice and the investment management industry.

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