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In June 2021, Fisher Investments was recognised by investor.com as a Trusted Investment Firm. investor.com is a consumer advocacy website dedicated to helping Americans find trustworthy professional financial advice. investor.com has analysed data on nearly 700,000 investment advisers using data from the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

To be awarded certification as a “Trusted Investment Firm”, investor.com utilises its Trust algorithm to sift through publicly-available data collected from the SEC and FINRA on topics such as conflicts of interest, established history, assets under management, disciplinary history and more. To view the criteria used in the Trust algorithm, please visit the following link: investor.com/trust-algorithm . To  be considered for this certification, Fisher Investments and other participants have to pay a participation fee, which covers the costs of the assessment and operations fees that correspond with the certification being displayed on investor.com ’s website. Paying the participation fee in no way influences or biases investor.com ’s ratings. investor.com ratings are not indicative of, nor guarantee, an firm’s/advisor’s future performance. For more information, please visit investor.com  and investor.com/rias/fisher-investments-107342 .