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Our Simple, Straightforward Fee Structure

At Fisher Investments Australia®, we understand the issues fees raise. Hence, we offer a simple and competitive tiered advisory fee based on your portfolio’s size. It is designed to be easy to understand and we believe it puts your interests first.

And whilst you will incur fees in addition to our advisory fee—such as trading fees or other custodian fees—we do not earn any of those fees. Since our revenue is based on your portfolio’s size, our goal is to work to keep any other third-party charges as low as possible.

We believe you should know what you’re paying. That's why with Fisher Investments Australia® you’ll have:

  • No hidden or layered fees
  • No extra service charges

Mutually Aligned Interests

When comparing investment management services, remember fees misaligned with your interests can jeopardise your retirement goals. At Fisher Investments Australia®, we believe that our clients’ needs come first—that’s why our fee is based on portfolio size only. Simply put, we do better when you do better.