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The Fisher Difference

Money management is a competitive industry and it can be difficult to know what to look for when comparing different firms. Following are some of the features we believe set us apart from the rest of the industry.

Flexible Investment Strategy

Fisher Investments Australia® serves as investment manager and outsources portfolio management to our US-based parent company, Fisher Investments.

Unlike some portfolio managers and many funds that focus on narrow market categories that may move in and out of favour, Fisher Investments can adjust its investment strategy depending on its forward-looking view of market conditions. For example, if Fisher Investments expects shares of large companies to do better than small ones, bigger firms will be emphasised in your portfolio. Or, equities might be de-emphasised and fixed interest and/or cash may be utilised in an effort to mitigate the impact of falling equity prices if Fisher Investments identifies a bear market. No one can be correct every time, including Fisher Investments, but we believe the lessons learned from managing investments through many market cycles provide invaluable insight.

Likewise, Fisher Investments is able to tailor its investment approach to your mandates. For example, some clients want to align their portfolios and personal values, and ask to restrict investing in certain categories. Other clients are interested in Environmental, Social and Governance investing, in which case Fisher Investments will consider these factors in building portfolios. Fisher Investments has over two decades of experience building portfolios that reflect its clients’ values and help achieve their investment goals.

Global Investing Expertise

Fisher Investments seeks to maximise opportunity and manage risk by investing globally—taking advantage of opportunities that investors may miss by investing in domestic markets only. For example, Australian investors may prefer primarily to invest in Australian markets; however, Australia makes up only a small part of the global equity market.

Direct, Proactive Client Service

Managing investment accounts proactively brings with it the responsibility of keeping clients up to date and well informed as to how their investments are performing. Communication is the foundation of Fisher Investments Australia®’s client relationships.

As a client, you are assigned a dedicated Investment Counsellor who keeps you up to date and is your liaison to Fisher Investments’ Investment Policy Committee (IPC)—the individuals who collaboratively make all strategic investment decisions affecting client portfolios. Fisher Investments Australia® also sends you regular reports. Transparency through clear and regular personal reporting is fundamental.

Established Performance History

Fisher Investments’ IPC has more than 150 combined years of industry experience. Founder Ken Fisher’s career spans more than four decades. He is a New York Times best-selling author and has a more than 35-year public history of market calls through his columns.[i] Fisher Investments’ US Private Client Group has a 25+ year performance history.

Fee Structure Aligned With Your Interests

Unlike some investment firms, neither Fisher Investments Australia® nor its affiliates earn trading commissions. Your management fee is competitive, fair and transparent, and helps align Fisher Investments Australia® with your best interests.

Portfolio Analysis and Evaluation

Fisher Investments Australia®  takes the time to help you identify your long-term investment goals and assess your current portfolio to ensure you’re on track. We thoroughly review your individual circumstances and create a recommendation we believe will help you maximise the likelihood of achieving your goals.

Privately Owned and Controlled

The global Fisher group of companies is privately owned and controlled. We believe not being affiliated with other financial institutions help us put our clients’ interests first.

Fisher Investments Australia® is wholly-owned by our parent company, Fisher Investments.

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[i] Ken Fisher’s Market Forecasts in Forbes (1984-2016), Financial Times (2007-2019), USA Today (2017-2019) and other publications represent his personal forecasts of the overall market and are not an indication of the performance of Fisher Investments, its subsidiaries, or their clients. Not all past forecasts were, nor future forecasts may be, as accurate as others. Investing in securities involves the risk of loss. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Fisher Investments Australia® does not offer financial planning services.