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Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries regularly write articles on the markets and economy. Fisher Investments’ founder Ken Fisher, wrote a monthly “Portfolio Strategy” column for Forbes for over 30 years—making him the longest continuously running columnist in the magazine’s 90+ year history. He is a regular contributor to several publications, including the New York Post in the United States; the Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom; Australia’s most read newspaper, The Australian; Denmark’s leading business newspaper, Børsen; Singapore’s The Business Times; Taiwan’s Business Weekly; Caixin—often called the “Bloomberg of China”; South Korea’s largest business paper, Chosun Weekly Biz; the Netherlands’ largest newspaper, De Telegraaf; Japan’s Diamond Weekly; Spain’s largest business website and newspaper, elEconomista; Germany’s Focus Money; Canada’s most read newspaper, The Globe and Mail; Switzerland’s leading business paper, Handelszeitung; the Hong Kong Economic Journal; Italy’s third largest newspaper and number one business paper, Il Sole 24 Ore; France’s L’Opinion; Belgium’s La Libre; the United Arab Emirates’ The National; and Austria’s Trend.. Ken has authored 11 Books, including four New York Times bestsellers—and has been published, interviewed and written about in publications globally. His research has been showcased in numerous scholarly journals, representing his commitment to original insight and analysis across the academic spectrum of investing. Any of the articles, books or commentary produced by Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries may be available to clients through their Investment Counsellor.

Australias luck and opportunity are everywhere

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 18/02/2024

Land of Opportunity! The Lucky Country! For decades, those monikers described America and Australia. Even then, luck and opportunity weren’t uniform nationwide. You had to go where industry and capital were. No more. Now you can build anywhere: Sydney or Perth, Alice Springs, Hobart – or overseas! Technology bleeding into every sector, everywhere, means anyone, virtually anywhere, can build a world-bettering business – and profit en route. Yes you, too! Let me show you.

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Billionaire Masterclass: Friends with Money

By Ken Fisher, Money Magazine, 16/01/2024

If you want to know how to make and invest lots of money, one of the best ways is to learn from someone who built their fortune and became a billionaire. In this special edition of the Friends With Money Podcast, Money's Michelle Baltazar chats with Ken Fisher, the billionaire founder and executive chair of Fisher Investments, about the best way to build your financial future.

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Tune out doubters because 2024 will be ASX-cellent for stocks and shares

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 11/01/2024

Cost of living crisis! Higher rates longer! Barely crawling Aussie growth! Wars! Insufferable US election histrionics! Too many believe this bull market is doomed down under ... and worldwide. Wrong! Expect moderate double-digit 2024 gains for both ASX and world stocks in what likely becomes a tale of two halves. Tech and big growth stocks should lead early - so stay globally diversified - before a mid-year value shift brings a bonzer bounce to Australia. Here is why.

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The economy is getting over its Covid-19 problems

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 21/12/2023

Recall the so-called “new normal” that 2020s experts said Covid had given us. Spending patterns were hopelessly distorted. Travel wrecked forever. The world would never be the same, they said. Even handshakes and hugs were supposedly history. Ha!

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Interest rates staying higher for longer doesn’t doom stocks, and here’s the proof

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 14/11/2023

Will high interest rates kill stocks? Last month 10-year Australian government bond yields (AGBs) and 10-year US Treasury's brushed 5 per cent – the highest in over a decade. This squished spreads between bond payouts and stocks’ “earnings yields” (the price-to-earnings ratio’s inverse, or firm’s annual earnings as a return or “yield” on current share prices).

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Debunking some of our sacred investing axioms

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 23/10/2023

Question: What connects these supposedly sacred investing axioms? 1) Stocks move opposite to bonds. 2) Rising oil is bearish. 3) High interest rates kill tech stocks. Give up? Each is probably false!

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Positioning your portfolio for the next bull market phase

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 14/09/2023

Where should you shop for stocks? Since last June’s lows, the ASX and world stocks have buried terrible 2022’s global bear market. Few foresaw. Even fewer correctly envisioned the same categories crushed by the downturn leading the new bull market’s charge.

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What lies beyond stocks' US political miracle

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 28/08/2023

Score another worldwide win for the “Midterm Miracle.” Last July, I told you global stocks approached a seasonal sweet spot: the hugely bullish nine months framing America’s midterm legislative elections. That span is the most consistently profitable stretch in all stock market history—and it delivered stellar global gains once again. Whilst sector skew limited ASX returns somewhat, the index still bounced nicely off 2022’s low.

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The actually intelligent way to invest in AI

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 20/07/2023

Feeling AI anxious? Hey, you aren’t alone. A recent IPSOS survey found 69 per cent of Australian respondents are worried about artificial intelligence – the highest of 31 countries surveyed. Yet another camp sees AI as an express ticket to riches – the next dot-com-style boom. Which is it?

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