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Beware the unexpected shocks for markets

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 17/04/2023

What horrors can sink stocks anew? That question plagues most minds – including mine – after awful 2022 and March’s bank scare. But mine aren’t hotly hyped fears like those, which are widely watched and largely pre-priced.

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Why energy stocks are likely to lag in 2023 Ken Fisher

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 14/03/2023

What happened to skyrocketing oil? For months after Russia’s Ukraine invasion, forecasts of shortages driving ever-higher oil and gas prices proliferated in Australia and globally. Now? Raw energy prices have stalled or are dropping. Storage tanks are mostly full as production booms.

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This year will be huge and beautiful for stocks and bonds

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 15/01/2023

Last year's fear fest and global bear market has many dreading more ahead. But this mentality primes the ASX and global stocks and bonds to shock almost everyone in a bull market bringing 15, 20, 25 per cent gains. Maybe more! Sound crazy? Let me explain.

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Cheer the fear: Gloomy long-term forecasts are folly

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 13/11/2022

Do you buy the bounce? World stocks and the ASX have climbed since October’s start, but many doubters foresee a suffocating swirl of headwinds hampering markets not only in Q4 and 2023, but throughout the 2020s. They predict ongoing inflation, geopolitical rancour and profligate government spending will render a lost decade of stagnant returns, necessitating radical portfolio changes. Codswallop.

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Signs Emerge That Inflation Wave Has Crested

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 16/10/2022

Surprise! As you know, the Reserve Bank made headlines with early October’s shockingly small, quarter-point rate hike – flummoxing commentators who expected a bigger move to fight decades-high inflation.

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Chinese slowdown won’t endanger Australia’s economy

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 18/09/2022

Will China’s chill imperil Australia’s economy while sinking the ASX and world stocks? Commentators from Wollongong to Washington fear China’s real estate turmoil and “Zero Covid-19” measures are impeding not only its growth, but the entire world’s. After all, isn’t China the growth engine?

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Is the Rally Real? Almost Everyone Presumes It Is a False Dawn

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 16/08/2022

Australian and world stocks both surged off the June lows - just the kind of steep climb early recoveries usually feature. Yet almost everyone presumes it is a false dawn, with global headlines shrieking more declines loom. Maybe. Unlike most bear markets, this downturn is sentiment-driven - a correction-like trait. Its unusual mini-bear market size stems from the fact myriad fears fuel it. It resembles most bear markets in one key way, though. It spawned what I have long called the Pessimism of Disbelief - a recovery's foundation.

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The ‘midterm miracle’ set to fuel forward momentum for Australia’s stocks

By Ken Fisher, The Australian, 17/07/2022

Who loves shrill, ugly elections fraught with campaign promises destined to disappoint? I do\! You should, too – especially the upcoming Congressional “midterm” slugfests in the US. While voters definitely dislike the partisan cacophony, US midterms produce underappreciated-yet-demonstrable sharemarket rocket fuel. Australian stocks benefit big-time but indirectly from the legislative gridlock they create – and it is coming soon. That, coupled with your own falling post-election political uncertainty, provides a twin tailwind for the ASX. Here’s why political drivers north and south of the equator will propel 2022’s year-end.

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