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Fisher Investments earned a 5 star rating by in 2022. This ratings recognizes firms who are aligned with’s passion for consumer advocacy and fairness in the practice of professional financial advice. is a consumer advocacy website dedicated to helping Americans find trustworthy professional financial advice. Every month, downloads hundreds of thousands of data points from the SEC IAPD database. That data is then fed into a scoring algorithm to rate firms on overall trustworthiness based on their regulatory records and potential conflicts of interest. Firms that are rated 4.5 or 5 stars by the algorithm are considered eligible to support and champion’s mission.’s reviews, opinions, ratings, rankings and related accolades are based upon information provided directly or on behalf of the reviewed-Registered Investment Advisory Firm and/or from collected publicly-available data from the SEC; participation of a Registered Investment Advisory Firm in’s review, including any Mission Supporters Program Fees paid to, in no way influences or biases’s reviews, opinions, ratings, rankings and related accolades, nor are they indicative of, nor guarantee, a reviewed-Firm’s future performance. See for additional disclosures, including “ Trust Algorithm.” Fisher Investments pays a fee which covers administration costs, results analysis and logo rights distribution.