Aaron Anderson 

Aaron Anderson

Senior Vice President of Research

Aaron Anderson joined Fisher Investments in 2005 and currently serves as Senior Vice President of Research. Aaron has been on the firm’s five-member Investment Policy Committee (IPC) since 2011. The IPC, supported by the firm’s Research Group, monitors global economic and market conditions in order to make all strategic investment decisions for client portfolios.

Aaron currently oversees global macroeconomic analysis and capital markets research, but he has also served in many other capacities at Fisher Investments. His past responsibilities at Fisher Investments have included managing and working on the Capital Markets Research Team, editing and writing articles for Fisher Investments’ MarketMinder column, overseeing business-wide innovation projects and much more.

Over his career, Aaron has gained a deep understanding of specific capital markets topics like monetary policy. He is a regular guest on major financial TV networks, like CNBC, and is quoted in publications, like The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, for his thoughts on central bank moves, interest rate forecasts and other relevant capital markets indicators. Aaron has written two books, including Own the World: How Smart Investors Create Global Portfolios, and he continues to write financial articles.

Aaron also has years of experience working with Fisher Investments’ institutional clients, which has given him firsthand experience managing portfolios with unique goals and potentially strict guidelines. Helping these clients invest within their requirements has given him unique insight into niche areas of portfolio management, such as environmental, social and governance (ESG).

Aaron regularly meets with private and institutional clients globally. He is a regular speaker for Fisher Investments’ client seminars, where he provides insights on current market conditions, details any changes to portfolio positioning and answers client questions. 

Prior to joining Fisher Investments, Aaron worked at Deutsche Bank Alex Brown as an Assistant Vice President. In that role, he was responsible for running daily brokerage operations for a team with over 1,000 client accounts. Aaron holds degrees in Geophysics from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Applied Economics from the University of San Francisco. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys traveling, running, skiing and spending time with his family.

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