jill hitchcock 

Jill Hitchcock

Senior Executive Vice President
US Private Client Group

Jill Hitchcock is the Senior Executive Vice President of Fisher Investments’ US Private Client Group, Fisher Investments’ largest business unit, which serves individual investors and families in the US. In her experience working with individual clients, Jill has addressed many of the common questions clients have about investing and has helped thousands of clients toward their long-term goals. Jill often writes articles on subjects like financial planning, finding a career in Finance, being a leader and providing high-touch client service in the investment industry.

Jill also spearheads some of Fisher Investments’ highest priority projects, such as the Technology Transformation Committee and the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee. As a member of the Technology Transformation Committee, she works with consultants, vendors and employees to ensure the firm’s technology are modern, efficient and secure. In the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee, Jill is helping Fisher Investments examine and improve all aspects of diversity and inclusion at the firm. She also speaks regularly at client education seminars across the US to share the firm’s insights on current market conditions and portfolio positioning.

Since joining the firm in 1999, Jill Hitchcock has worked in many different capacities at Fisher Investments. She served as an Investment Counsellor, where she directly served some of the firm’s high net worth clients, helping them understand and feel comfortable with their portfolios and Fisher Investments’ forward-looking market forecast. She previously led the Research and Human Capital groups at the firm. In Human Capital, she ensured Fisher Investments was attracting and competing for the industry’s top candidates and supported employees through the firm’s Human Resources organisation. In Research, she led the business unit that provides market insights to the Investment Policy Committee (IPC), supporting their ongoing portfolio management decisions for the firm’s clients.

Jill holds an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her two young sons. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking and staying involved in her two sons’ everyday activities.

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