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Many clients come to Fisher Investments Canada with investment adviser questions – about our firm, how we work, and how we're different from the competition. For your convenience, we have constructed a list of investment adviser questions that are often asked during our meetings with prospective clients, and compiled answers to them. Please feel free to contact a Fisher Investments Canada representative to discuss any of the investment adviser questions below, or to have any additional questions answered. Our staff is here to serve you.

Fisher Investments Canada is a private money management firm serving high net worth individuals and institutions worldwide. Through guidance from the firm's founder, Ken Fisher, the Investment Policy Committee (IPC) and a seasoned Executive Management Team, Fisher Investments Canada has become a highly respected money management firm.

Fisher Investments Canada is a discretionary, fee-based money management firm providing private portfolio management to high net worth individuals and institutions. Fisher Investments Canada is not a broker-dealer and does not earn commissions on our client’s trades. Instead, Fisher Investments Canada charges a percentage of assets under management. The firm's incentive to perform well is directly aligned with clients' investment objectives.

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Fisher Investments Canada fundamentally believes no investing style is permanently superior, but instead we understand that styles and philosophies cycle in and out of favor. As a result, we use a variety of tactics, dynamically managing client assets over time. We are committed to the development of new technologies to help understand capital markets in ways not yet realized. Since its inception, the firm has pioneered numerous financial innovations, some of which have become core concepts used as standards in the financial services industry today.

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Fisher Investments Canada is a fee-based money manager; our fees are based on a percentage of clients' assets under management, making our incentive to perform well directly aligned with our clients' investment planning objectives. Some investment advisers are commission-based, which may create an incentive to increase turnover in your portfolio. Not Fisher Investments Canada. We have found our fee schedule to be more cost efficient than many of the alternatives available to individuals, including the average no load mutual fund. Please contact Fisher Investments Canada and we will be happy to discuss your specific situation.

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Many money managers are dedicated to one specific style of investing, using a static approach to style and asset allocation. As a result, these managers tend to do very well when their style is in favor and poorly when it falls out. Fisher Investments Canada is a unique money manager – we have found success in utilizing a dynamic approach to asset and style allocation. We strive to add value through active management by identifying information not widely known (or interpreting widely known information differently and correctly from other market participants) and then capitalizing on those uncovered opportunities.

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Fisher Investments Canada takes pride in providing proactive and personalized service for all our clients in managing their separate accounts. Each Fisher Investments Canada client has an Investment Counsellor dedicated to serving his/her needs. Communication and service are tailored by the client - giving you the power to determine how much or how little interaction you would like. Activity for each separate account is detailed monthly in brokerage statements from a third party custodian. Quarterly statements and research reports are provided by Fisher Investments Canada directly. Fisher Investments Canada clients are also invited to meet and interact with senior staff and management at client seminars held across the country regularly.

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Fisher Investments Canada has a centralized decision-making structure, the Investment Policy Committee (IPC), which makes all strategic investment decisions for each client's separate account. The IPC consists of Ken Fisher, Executive Chairman & Co-Chief Investment Officer; Jeff Silk, Vice Chairman & Co-Chief Investment Officer; Bill Glaser, Executive Vice President, Portfolio Management & Co-Chief Investment Officer; Aaron Anderson, Senior Vice President, Research; and Michael Hanson, Senior Vice President, Research. These five individuals bring over 150 years of combined industry experience to the direct, day-to-day management of clients' assets. They work with staff in the research and trading services departments to leverage the firm's robust investment in research, trading, and technology infrastructure to deliver what we believe to be optimal portfolio strategies to clients.

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Overall, the company has a performance history we believe many other financial advisers would envy. Since our inception, Fisher Investments Canada has continued to develop capital markets investment technology for the purpose of providing solid return. Please contact Fisher Investments Canada at (888) 291-0675 and a regional representative will be happy to discuss those investment strategies most relevant to your personal objectives.

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Mutual funds, by definition, are a pooling of many investors' assets. For this to work well for everyone involved, each investor's objectives and circumstances should be identical, which is seldom the case. A key benefit to having a separate account is the ability to structure a portfolio according to specific needs. With a separate account, issues such as concentrated positions, personal tax situations, income needs and ethical concerns can easily be addressed. For more information about the benefits of a separately managed account, please contact Fisher Investments Canada.

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For more information on Fisher Investments Canadian separate account investment management services, please call us toll free at (888) 291-0675 or click here to contact us. Fisher Investments Canada is available to answer questions over the phone and welcomes an opportunity to have a Private Client Adviser meet to discuss personal needs and objectives.

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Investing in stock markets involves the risk of loss and there is no guarantee that all or any capital invested will be repaid. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.