Ken Fisher in "The Globe and Mail"

The new - and little discussed - threats to markets over the next year

By Ken Fisher, The Globe and Mail, 18-04-2024

Risk or ruse? Today, false fears fly, with bears citing endless “risks” supposedly set to whack the TSX and world stocks. The Middle East and Ukraine. Delayed rate cuts. Debt-devouring developed economies. On and on. Wrong! For stocks, these widely watched worries are old news.

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Where is the land of opportunity? You are standing on It

By Ken Fisher, The Globe and Mail, 21-03-2024

Ever noticed? For eons, geography was destiny in business. To succeed, you had to go where industry and capital were—like America, long dubbed the Land of Opportunity. Or, in Canada, typically Toronto. Where capital was. No more. Now opportunity is everywhere and anywhere: Montreal or Montmagny … Vancouver or Vernon! Or overseas! Technology bleeding into every sector, everywhere, means anyone, anywhere, can build a world-bettering business—and profit en route. Yes you, too! Think about it.

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Why energy will soon shock bears … and fuel the TSX higher

By Ken Fisher, The Globe and Mail, 21-02-2024

World stocks are off and running in 2024′s beautiful bull market, kicking off what I told you should be a good-to-great year. But energy stocks haven’t been so energetic – which partly explains the TSX’s soft start. That should change. A shift from laggard to leader for energy will likely be among 2024′s biggest positive shocks. Let me explain.

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Investors, tune down the scary stories du jour. Much of the ‘old normal’ has returned

By Ken Fisher, The Globe and Mail, 18-01-2024

Let’s time warp back to 2020. Remember “experts” shrieking how COVID unleashed a “New Normal” upon everyone? The travel industry is doomed! Dining out is dead! Supply chains are broken! Handshakes and hugs are history! But now economic normalcy has returned, and those same New Normal knuckleheads call that risky. They fall prey to FEAR (false evidence appearing real). Ignore them. Instead, look to CHEER (celebrate hidden examples of equilibrium’s returning.) False doomsday predictions are obscuring this hugely bullish force.

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Why debt doom fears are beyond wrong … and bullish for markets

By Ken Fisher, The Globe and Mail, 17-11-2023

Debt got you down? Duelling debt dramas pervade financial headlines from Oshawa to Orlando. Are North American governments – and consumers – living on borrowed time? With interest rates up, folks fear a reckoning. Let us dissect it to grasp a different reality: U.S. or Canadian, government or consumer, these debts aren’t near any looming calamity. Markets see this clearly, while most people can’t. Let me show you.

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It’s not a fake out. Inflation’s fade is for real

By Ken Fisher, The Globe and Mail, 19-10-2023

Fade out or fake out? While Canadian inflation’s surprise September slowdown sparked some optimism – and fanned Bank of Canada rate pause chatter – many remain skeptical. A similar situation is unfolding in the United States and the euro zone.

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Dont fall for the Japanese investor tease

By Ken Fisher, The Globe and Mail, 25-09-2023

Record highs! Hot growth in a sideways global economy! Is it time to load up on Japan? Yes and no, with myriad nuances. Done rarely and right, Japan is fine. Otherwise, no.

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Three sectors to lead and three to lag in the young bull market

By Ken Fisher, The Globe and Mail, 18-08-2023

This year’s first half put the nail in the coffin of 2022′s global bear market. The new bull market’s rise has been led by the same categories that were hit hardest in the downturn. Doubters from Halifax to Helsinki can’t see it, but that beautiful bounce isn’t done. So where to turn now? Here are three key sectors likely to lead this young bull market higher – and three likely to underperform.

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