Tod King

Tod has been focused on creating the ideal client experience for almost 30 years. With a strong background in technology and a keen interest in Financials, he obtained his MBA from University of Ottawa in 2005. With 7 years experience helping individuals achieve their financial goals with another leading firm, he joins Fisher Investments to assist you with your investment and retirement goals. “I strongly believe that Fisher Investments Canada is unique and well-positioned to serve Canadians at a higher level than what rest of the industry has been offering for decades and I would be privileged to present these supporting facts to you.” Outside of work, Tod enjoys family time with his wife Cheryl-Ann and their two teenaged children. Living south of Ottawa, Tod coached minor hockey for over 10 years, Tod now volunteers as a board member for a local hospital foundation, where they focus on fund-raising efforts to maintain the outstanding levels of healthcare in his community.

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