Candidate Experience (CandE) Award Winner

Presented By

Talent Board


Fisher Investments

Years Awarded


In 2020, Talent Board—the first non-profit research organisation focused on promoting quality candidate experiences—announced their 2020 Global Candidate Experience Award (CandE) recipients. Fisher Investments was ranked 24th in North America out of 55 award winners. The 55 winners were found to provide over tens of thousands of job candidates an exemplary candidate experience as rated by the candidates themselves across these four key data points:

  • A very positive overall candidate experience rating
  • An extremely likely to apply again candidate rating
  • An extremely likely to refer others candidate rating
  • And the fact that candidates said they were willing to increase their business relationship with the employer via applying again, referring others and making purchases when applicable

Talent Board, a non-profit organisation focused on the promotion and benchmark research of a quality candidate experience, conducts a comprehensive evaluation and data analysis that consists of an employer survey and a targeted candidate survey. Fisher Investments paid a nominal fee to participate in the programme. For more information, please visit: