Our Culture

When you work with dedicated professionals who care about your well-being, it can give you confidence and peace of mind. Our culture supports our commitment to provide unparalleled service that puts clients’ interests first.

Putting Clients First

We do things differently than other investment firms—not just to be different, but because it makes a difference for our clients. We designed our entire business to minimize conflicts of interest. We have a strong division of labor between our sales and service roles, allowing employees in each role to focus on their strengths. At Fisher, our client service is wholly focused on providing superior service, not additional sales.

This clear focus on servicing our clients is what makes Fisher a better place to work, too.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Everyone is welcome at Fisher Investments. We value diverse perspectives and encourage innovation and forward thinking. We seek those who aren’t afraid to try something different and are open to considering new processes and approaches. That’s why we hire people from different backgrounds, with different points of view, and why 63% of employees are led by women.

Fisher Investments is a certified Great Place to Work.


of the entire Fisher organization’s employees
agree that people here are treated fairly regardless of race.*


of the entire Fisher organization’s employees agree that when you join the company, you are made to feel welcome.*


of the entire Fisher organization’s employees agree that we have special and unique benefits here.*


of the entire Fisher organization’s employees agree that people here are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.*

*Based on the 2023 Great Place to Work® employee survey.

“Fisher Investments is a great place to work because you are presented with the rare opportunity to chart your own career path.”

Ralston, Investment Counselor Team Leader

“The women of Fisher are strong and respected and given the space to be the leaders that they are.”

Tacy, 401(k) Business Development Executive

“I’ve worked at other financial services companies, and the Fisher business model aligns with our clients’ interests, and that’s why I want to be here.”

Emily, Training and Development Manager

“Fisher takes pride in hiring, educating, and empowering folks from all backgrounds.”

Eric, Portfolio Engineer


Our employees drive our firm’s success, and we support their development by providing opportunities for everyone to succeed. We hire and promote employees based on their merit, potential and “will-do” attitude. Each employee is empowered to achieve excellence as they grow a lifelong Fisher career. While everyone forges their own unique path at Fisher, we are all on a journey together—a journey to better the investment universe.


We support each other. In our open office environment, everyone from entry-level employees to Private Client Advisers shares the same space and is treated as an equal. Teams are motivated to collaborate on projects and interact without physical or organizational barriers.

Our customized development programs and award-winning training help employees excel in their current roles, while gaining new skills to prepare for their next one. To support employees’ health, wellness and family life, we offer a robust benefits package and on-site services that help make employees’ busy lives a little easier. At Fisher we have each other's backs.


Hard work and dedication are recognized and rewarded at Fisher because our employees’ contributions are what make our success possible. We celebrate wins of all sizes and make sure each employee’s great work does not go unnoticed. Authentic recognition is the norm across every level, role, department and country to encourage and reinforce our values.

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Our culture drives our success

By creating a positive, productive and rewarding work environment, we are able to maximize the quality of service we deliver to each and every client. In doing so, we are proud to be recognized as a top place to work.

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