'I Heard It In The News, So It Must Be So': Fisher's Financial Mythbusters

Door Ken Fisher, Money Observer, 24-2-2017

Reading news tells you what everyone is focused on, but to be successful you should know something others don't, says Ken Fisher.

V&A met Aaron Anderson van Fisher Investments

BeleggersBelangen , 24-2-2017

Read Aaron Anderson's Q&A on Fisher Investments Nederland with BeleggersBelangen.nl 

Trump’s Rabbit Season And The Howling Hounds

Door Ken Fisher, Financial Times, 22-2-2017

Most of what the president says is to distract from what he really wants to do.

Ken Fisher On Double-Digit Returns And Beating The Consensus

Financial Sense, 15-2-2017

When it comes to investing, most tend to be trend followers, focusing on known information to make calls.

Art Hill on Technicals; Ken Fisher on 2017 Market Outlook

Door Jim Puplava, Financial Sense, 11-2-2017

Art Hill, Senior Technical Analyst at Stockcharts.com, gives his technical outlook on stocks, including various market sectors, bonds, and commodities. In the second half, we speak to Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments on his 2017 macro outlook and why he thinks 2017 will be a better year for the stock market than last year.

Why The Time To Own These Stocks Is Now

Door Ken Fisher, Interactive Investor, 7-2-2017

Wall Street legend Ken Fisher has a new investment idea, but buy before everyone else gets wise, he urges. As usual there are also two share tips to play the theme.

Why Trump Likely Does Less Than You Fear Or Cheer

Door Todd Bliman, equities.com, 7-2-2017

If you follow financial media, you can be forgiven for thinking the investment world revolves around the White House the same way the solar system revolves around the sun. No one really knows what President Trump will do, but everyone has opinions.

Equities Can't Rise When The World Is So Scary - Fisher's Financial Mythbusters

Door Ken Fisher, Money Observer, 3-2-2017

The world has always been a difficult place, but equity markets take calamity in their stride, argues Ken Fisher.

Ken Fisher: For Defense Investments, Think Smaller And Cheaper

Door Ken Fisher, Forbes, 19-1-2017

If you’re doing defense, think smaller, cheaper and diversified.

Equities Must Crash Because They Outpace GDP: Fisher's Financial Mythbusters

Door Ken Fisher, Money Observer, 18-1-2017

Equities can, should and probably will continue annualising a higher rate of return than GDP growth. This is why that makes sense.

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