Focus-Business magazine A Top Mittelstand Employer

A Top Mittelstand Employer

In 2020, Grüner Fisher Investments was named “Top Mittelstand* Employer” by Focus-Business magazine in a survey based on data from Kununu, an employer-ratings platform. “We are very proud of our fourth-place finish in the “Finance” sector. A total of 4,000 companies were recognised” said a firm representative.

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  • Mittelstand commonly refers to a group of unique businesses in German-speaking countries (and Britain) which are very successful, and are usually capable of surviving economic turbulence.

More than 950,000 companies and more than four million employee reviews were analysed on Kununu, an internet platform. The survey rated the top German Mittelstand employers in Germany. Neither Fisher Investments nor its affiliates paid to be considered for this award. For more information, please visit:

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