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There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to successful retirement strategies. Your retirement goals and financial situation are unique—why should your retirement strategy be any different? The better tailored your portfolio is to your goals, the greater the likelihood it will suit your needs for your financial future. Your security and financial wellbeing are important to you; they should be a key feature in your portfolio as well.

From workplace pension schemes and Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) to mutual funds—and equities and fixed interest—you can choose from a myriad of options. But which options are best for building an investment portfolio to fund your retirement? An investment adviser can help you determine the best path forward that meets your individual needs.

That's why it’s our goal at Fisher Investments UK to help you navigate the confusing universe of investment options and offer customised strategies to fit your personal situation, retirement goals and investment time horizon. We do this by talking with you to understand your complete financial picture. To learn more about how we can help, browse our selection of retirement planning guides or request an appointment today.

Creating Your Retirement Strategy

Each investor has their own idea of a comfortable retirement. A common theme for most is to support their desired lifestyle without relying on a regular paycheck. Planning for a comfortable retirement means:

  • Establishing realistic goals
  • Understanding your investment time horizon
  • Determining which investment strategy maximises the likelihood of achieving your ideal retirement lifestyle

After establishing your goals, timelines, and personal factors, we may recommend, where deemed suitable, an asset allocation strategy. We’ll also recommend the discretionary investment management services of Fisher Investments, our parent company. Fisher Investments harnesses decades of experience from the Investment Policy Committee and an extensive research team to help set clients up for success in retirement.

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Personalised Retirement Planning

We put clients first with a tailored approach to investment management and financial planning. This starts with a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation that informs your investment strategy and considers important factors outside of your portfolio.

Fisher Investments UK can review your existing pensions, investment bonds, trusts and endowments and advise on whether any changes may be suitable to meet your financial goals and objectives. This analysis results in a personalised investing approach consistent with your goals and needs.

Five Steps to Building Your Personalised Investment Portfolio

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1. In-Depth Introduction

You tell us about your financial goals and your unique situation. The better we know you, the better portfolio recommendation we can provide.

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2. Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis

We perform a thorough evaluation and send a detailed analysis of your current portfolio.

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3. Portfolio Investment Recommendation

We discuss our recommendation with you to help ensure you’re comfortable with the plan.

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4. Strategic Portfolio Implementation

Highly skilled trading and implementation teams put Fisher Investments’ strategy to work in your accounts.

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5. Ongoing Service

You and your Investment Counsellor regularly discuss your portfolio and your ongoing needs.

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High-Touch Client Service

As a client, your investments are managed by Fisher Investments. Fisher Investments will be in touch regularly to keep you informed about its market outlook and help ensure your portfolio continues to serve your financial goals.

Many investors are often tempted to stray from the path to their financial goals, which is why Fisher Investments helps focus on providing unparalleled client service. You’ll have an Investment Counsellor to provide you with regular, ongoing updates on the market and your portfolio. Alongside a high-touch client service model, Fisher Investments offers client seminars, informative videos, regular articles and other educational resources.

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