Fisher Investments’ Disciplined Investment Strategy

As a client, your investments are managed by Fisher Investments UK’s parent company, Fisher Investments. At the global Fisher group of companies, we believe clients should expect three key things from us: personalised service, a portfolio tailored to your goals, and an investment management approach deeply rooted in a time-tested, global investment process and philosophy.

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The value of Fisher Investments’ tailored investment strategy centres around one thing:

Helping You Achieve Your Personal Investment Goals

We’re transparent about the investing decisions we make for you because we believe an informed investor is more comfortable with their portfolio and more successful in retirement.

Our Investment Approach Is:

  • Personalised
  • Flexible
  • Disciplined
  • Global


As you give us more information about your personal portfolio considerations, we will recommend an initial strategic asset allocation based on your specific objectives. We will review this asset allocation with you in detail before your portfolio is invested.

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Fisher Investments’ approach can help enhance returns and reduce risk by making forecasts and changing asset allocations accordingly. This flexible, tactical approach is different from the style of investing in many mutual funds or from money managers who tend to adhere to a static asset allocation and are unwilling or unable to make changes based on market conditions.

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Fisher Investments uses a time-tested investment approach that determines the mix of equities, fixed interest and other securities to hold in your portfolio. Fisher Investments first analyses the global macroeconomic environment and market conditions to identify what they think are the most attractive investment categories. Then, they select individual securities within those categories that fit your tailored investment strategy.

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Fisher Investments seeks to maximise opportunity and manage risk by investing globally. Many UK investors tend to focus solely on UK shares. However, the UK makes up around 4% of the global equity market.* Investing globally can help take advantage of worldwide opportunities many miss.

*Source: FactSet. MSCI All Country World Index constituents as of 30/06/2022.

The Investment Policy Committee

Fisher Investments’ Tenured Portfolio Management Team

You deserve a stable, dedicated team with decades of experience to help navigate your portfolio toward your long-term investment goals. The Investment Policy Committee (IPC) is the dedicated team that makes all strategic investment decisions for client portfolios.

The IPC—Ken Fisher, Jeff Silk, Bill Glaser, Aaron Anderson and Michael Hanson—collectively monitor global economic and market conditions to devise and implement the firm’s investment strategies with the support of the firm’s large Research Department. The IPC has worked toward client success for decades and, together, have over 150 combined years of industry experience.

Building a Disciplined Investment Strategy

Building a successful investment portfolio can be difficult. That’s why many investors seek professional financial help to understand how investments can work to their advantage, to manage risk and to align asset-allocation decisions with their long-term goals.

After all, how do you decide between value and growth equities? How about big and small, or foreign and domestic equities? How do you assess if an investment is high risk or low risk? These are just a few of the numerous choices investors have to make. And market volatility can make even the most seasoned investors second-guess themselves. That’s why Fisher Investments UK takes the time to get to know your financial situation before Fisher Investments invests your hard-earned assets—so you can feel confident you are setting off on the right path. Because feeling confident about how you start can help you remain disciplined when volatility arises.

Create a Strong Foundation for Your Investment Strategy

Before you develop any kind of investment strategy, you must first define and understand your long-term financial goals. Some questions to consider:

  • How is this money going to be used and who is it for? To maintain or improve your lifestyle? Travel? New pursuits in retirement? Or to help with expenses of children or grandchildren? These are just a few examples of what investors typically say, but your answer to this question can affect investing strategy, asset allocation and attitude to market risk.
  • What is your investment time horizon? Fisher Investments defines one’s investment time horizon as the length of time your money needs to last. This can often align with an investor’s life expectancy, but you may need to consider the life expectancy of a spouse, dependents or an even longer period, depending on your goals.

Once you’ve defined your long-term goals and investment time horizon, you can begin developing a strategy. To start, Fisher Investments believes selecting an appropriate asset allocation—the mix of equities, fixed interest, cash and other securities—is paramount to a portfolio’s long-term success.

But selecting the right types of securities within that asset allocation can still be tricky. Should you select individual equites? Or rely on comingled investments such as mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs)? Do you buy and hold, or frequently adjust? Fisher Investments can help guide you through these questions and more to develop an investment plan to help you start down the right path, and stay on track as life changes.

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Ensure Proper Diversification

Investors tend to favour securities familiar to them. Although this is understandable, investing solely in what you know is often restrictive. For example, UK shares make up a tiny fraction of the world’s equity market, and focusing solely on domestic equities can leave you over concentrated.

A globally diversified portfolio can be an effective way to maximise your chances of attaining your goals. If you diversify across a wide range of countries, sectors and styles, you can minimise your investment risk without sacrificing potential capital growth.

Understand the Risks

Some level of risk is inherent in an investment strategy, but professional risk-management advice can help you discover how some investing practices can reduce various market risks whilst maximising the possibility you achieve your financial goals.

The job of a professional financial adviser is to help you identify your objectives, pick an investment strategy that reflects them, build a suitable portfolio and help you remain disciplined during times of heightened market volatility.

And if your goals change at any point during the process—whether two years or two decades down the line—your adviser stands ready to help adjust your investing strategy.

Fisher Investments is dedicated to helping investors find the right balance for their investment portfolios. We believe education is key, so investors can better define and achieve their financial goals with discipline and confidence.

Investor Education

The Global Fisher group of companies is dedicated to investor education. Not only can this provide reassurance and peace of mind, it can also help you stay disciplined and on course, even during times of uncertainty or volatility. This is because investing can be highly emotional, even triggering the classic fear response of "fight or flight," particularly when your retirement and financial goals are at stake.

Fortunately, knowledge and education can help overcome this fear, which in turn helps prevent you from making any emotionally motivated deviations from your investment strategy.

As part of our commitment to investor education, Fisher Investments UK offers a variety of guides and insights on our website to help educate investors, so they can better approach investing and goal-setting.

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