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Fisher Investments UK’s parent company, Fisher Investments, is a privately held US-based investment adviser. Ken Fisher founded Fisher Investments in 1979 in the US. From the start, Fisher Investments has managed discretionary assets with a fundamental belief in capitalism and free capital markets.

Key moments in the history of Fisher Investments

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Contributions to the Investment Universe

Fisher Investments has continually developed ways to look at capital markets differently throughout its history.

  • Key Developments
  • Ongoing Research
  • Ken Fisher's theoretical work in the 1970s popularised the use of the Price-to-Sales Ratio, now a core element of modern financial curriculum. This tool was instrumental in managing small cap value portfolios for our institutional clients.
  • In the mid-1980s, Fisher Investments contributed to the delineation of six distinct investment styles. We used these advancements as the foundation for a new series of broad mandate strategies, including Global Total Return, US Total Return and Foreign Equity.

We have dedicated significant resources to the field of behavioral finance to better understand financial tools and how investors use them. Our research has led us to develop practical applications of behavioral finance in our portfolio management process.

Our research has been showcased in numerous financial journals, including the Financial Analysts Journal and The Journal of Portfolio Management. In 1984, Ken began writing Forbes’ “Portfolio Strategy” column, which ran monthly until 31/12/2016—making Ken the longest continuously running columnist in the magazine’s history. He now writes regular columns for RealClearMarkets.com and monthly, local-language columns in major Asian and Western European media organisations.

Ken has also written 11 books on investing and wealth creation. Four of Ken's more recent books—Debunkery (2010), How to Smell a Rat: The Five Signs of Financial Fraud (2009), The Ten Roads to Riches (2008) and The Only Three Questions That Count (2006)—were named New York Times bestsellers.

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