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High-Touch Client Service

As a client, your investments are managed by Fisher Investments UK’s parent company, Fisher Investments, based in the United States and regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This means that certain protections of retail customers in the UK may not apply. For more information, see our ‘Regulatory Information’ page.

The Definitive Guide to Retirement Income Guide

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The world of investing can seem like a giant maze. Fisher Investments UK has developed several informational and educational guides tackling a variety of investing topics.

Fisher Investments UK commits to understanding your financial needs and seeks to provide the education, confidence and comfort to help you reach your long-term investing goals. Portfolio management is only half the picture, though. Of equal, if not greater, importance is the personalised service you’ll receive.

Your Investment Counsellor

You get personalised service from your Investment Counsellor. You’ll hear regularly from your Investment Counsellor, and you can decide how frequently. Further, your Investment Counsellor will reach out to you whenever there are important changes regarding your portfolio.

Investment Counsellors are not sales people, nor do they receive commission-based compensation. Your Investment Counsellor is there to keep you informed, not to sell you products. Their job is to regularly evaluate and discuss your investment objectives with you, monitor your accounts and provide day-to-day counselling and service. Their goal is to make sure you know exactly what’s going on with your money, and why.

Your Investment Counsellor is your primary point of contact with Fisher Investments UK, but you have more than one person working for you. Your Investment Counsellor coordinates with a team of investment professionals who are responsible for servicing and managing your portfolio. Your investment team includes members from Research, Trading, Operations and more—all under the guidance of the Investment Policy Committee (IPC).

Flowchart diagram of your personalized service with Private Client Advice, a Private Cliet Director, and Investment Counsellor.

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Infographic Long Description

The graphic details the various Fisher Investments teams to which clients are connected via their Investment Counselor. The graphic is arranged as a three-level hierarchy. It has seven main text boxes that are connected by arrows:

  • Top level
    • You [the client]
  • Second level (from left to right)
    • Private Client Director
    • Investment Counsellor
    • Private Client Advice
  • Third level (from left to right)
    • Account Administration
    • Portfolio Management
    • Client Services

At the top of the graphic is the text box that reads “You.” This represents the client. Lines with arrows at either end connect the client box to those for Private Client Director, Private Client Advice and Investment Counselor. This implies two-way communication.

The box for Private Client Director describes the following relationship: “Your local Fisher Investments UK contact to gather and provide information regarding the analysis of your assets being considered for Fisher Investments’ management and to assist with the transition process.”

The box for Private Client Advice says, “Fisher Investments UK Analysts can assess your existing portfolio, goals and objectives, and provide an asset allocation recommendation and advice on a range of financial planning topics.”

At the center of the graphic is the text box for “Investment Counselor.” This symbolically shows how the Investment Counselor conveys information between the client and three Fisher Investments’ teams: Account Administration, Portfolio Management and Client Services. Lines with arrows at either end connect the Investment Counselor to these other text boxes to show that information can flow in two directions.

The text under Investment Counselor reads, “A Fisher Investments service contact serving as a liaison between you and Fisher Investments’ Investment Policy Committee (IPC). This primary point of contact will ensure your portfolio is constructed and managed consistent with your objectives and specifications.”

The Investment Counselor box is connected by a dual-headed arrow to Account Administration to show that the client’s main contact at Fisher Investments can facilitate communication with this group. There are two teams represented under the Account Administration heading: Client Services Associate and Custodian.

The text with Client Services Associate reads, “Sets up accounts with the custodian and oversees the funding process. Helps maintain accounts and assist with any operational needs.”

The text with Custodian is, “A third party that houses your assets for management by Fisher Investments. Processes trades and sends valuations. The custodian is independent from Fisher Investments and Fisher Investments UK.”

Dual-headed arrows also connect the Investment Counselor to a category called Portfolio Management. This category has three teams listed from left to right: Research, Investment Policy Committee and Trading.

The text for Research reads, “Provides Fisher Investments’ IPC with high-quality, timely information and analysis.”

For Investment Policy Committee [IPC], the text reads, “Sets investment policy and makes the firm’s strategic investment decisions. The IPC consists of Ken Fisher, Jeff Silk, Bill Glaser, Aaron Anderson and Michael Hanson.”

And the text for Trading is, “Issues trade orders based on the IPC’s investment decisions and strives to execute trades at the lowest overall cost to you [the client].”

Lastly, the Investment Counselor box is connected by a dual-headed arrow to a group named Client Services. Client Communications and Client Programmes are the two teams listed under Client Services.

The text for Client Communications reads, “Provides regular communications to keep you informed of market developments that matter and how they may affect your portfolio.”

Under Client Programs, the text says, “Holds forums and seminars for you to learn about capital markets and keep you apprised of our market views.”

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Education and Communication

We want clients to understand what’s going on with their portfolios and, more importantly, the reasoning behind portfolio decisions. That’s why Fisher Investments UK regularly keeps you updated and informed on the markets, market outlook and what drives portfolio decisions.

In addition to regular calls from your Investment Counsellor, you will have access to an array of educational materials to read, watch or listen to, including

Client Programmes

Fisher Investments UK continually seeks new ways to enrich your client experience. In addition to helping you achieve your long-term financial goals via portfolio management, we host a series of client-only programmes to provide you with timely updates and education regarding financial markets and your portfolio.

These events are exclusively for clients of Fisher Investments UK and offer direct access to senior decision makers and other clients of the firm. Examples include Fisher Forecast Seminars, Investment Roundtables, Fisher Friends events, and more.

There is no additional cost for clients to attend, and we encourage you to attend as many as you like.

This high level of client education and service is a cornerstone of our Private Client Group. Whilst most of our industry reserves these offerings for institutional investors, Fisher Investments UK is proud to offer these programmes to all clients.

Fisher Forecast Seminars™ are held across the country. These presentations provide clients the latest information on our global market forecasts, portfolio strategy and current events impacting financial markets.

Investment Roundtables™ are in-depth, discussion-oriented Q&A sessions with small groups of clients. Unlike our Fisher Forecast Seminars, there is no presentation; Investment Roundtable discussions are driven by topics clients would like to cover.

Fisher Friends™ are unique client-only events offering a chance to meet other clients in your area in an informal setting over breakfast, lunch, or dinner. No agenda, no presentation, and no Fisher Investments UK staff, apart from a brief introduction. All paid for by Fisher Investments UK. You are the focus, and topics of conversation are up to you!

Fisher Connect Webinars™ are live web-based seminars that allow clients to hear from and ask questions to Investment Policy Committee members or other senior members of our firm. These events offer an opportunity for clients who may not have the time or ability to attend in-person events.

Client Video Conferences™ are small, interactive online meetings that blend the convenience of our online webinars with the personalised Q&A of a roundtable discussion.

Client Forums™ blend the best of Fisher Forecast Seminars (topical, formal presentation) and Investment Roundtables (smaller groups with greater opportunity for questions and dialogue).

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Quarterly Reviews

Each quarter you will receive an extensive Quarterly Review published under the direction of the Investment Policy Committee with contributions from the firm's research staff. The Reviews discuss retrospective performance, global economic and market conditions, future market outlook and other relevant topics.

The goal of this comprehensive report is to help you understand how current economic and political events impact the global stock market. We believe it’s a level of education and transparency few money managers provide to their clients.

Regular Insights from Ken Fisher

Monthly, Ken shares his insights on markets, the economy and other current events through an exclusive client column and video. You can also find more insights from Ken in his monthly column published in the Daily Telegraph, his YouTube videos and other major global publications.

Capital Markets Update Videos

Twice a year, you’ll receive a video, hosted by the Investment Policy Committee, that explains Fisher Investments UK's current market outlook. This video expands on many of the themes in the Quarterly Reviews and is a chance for you to hear portfolio decision-makers discuss the market and address many of the frequently asked client questions from the prior period.


MarketMinder Europe is a source of “straight talk” about the financial markets, with the goal of helping investors understand whether market events are bullish or bearish, and why. The articles are updated every business day by Fisher Investments UK's editorial staff, who scour over 100 periodicals, blogs and other sources to identify relevant financial news. You’ll have access to regular commentary on the markets and feature stories in the financial media we believe deserve investors' attention.

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