Fisher Investments UK offers personalized portfolio management.

Client Service

Fisher Investments UK offers services provided by Fisher Investments, our US based parent company. We provide investors with an initial review of their current portfolio and advice on whether any changes may be suitable. This is followed by financial planning advice which may include recommended investment strategies as well as a recommendation for discretionary investment management services to be provided by, Fisher Investments.

From your first interaction with us, you can expect to receive high-touch client service to help you define your financial goals, investment time horizon, and asset allocation, as well as management services for your funds and securities. Whether you have been an investment management client with Fisher Investments for 1 week or 40 years, you will receive the same level of service throughout your long-term relationship.

As a client, you will have a dedicated Investment Counsellor, whose job it is to provide personal attention and personalised service as and when you need it. 

Your Dedicated Investment Counsellor

Your Investment Counsellor is your primary point of contact and personal liaison to Fisher Investments’ Investment Policy Committee (IPC)—the major decision-makers underpinning the management of your portfolio. Your Investment Counsellor will take time to get to know you and to understand your financial goals in order to develop an investment management strategy designed to help to reach those goals. 

Your Investment Counsellor will have as much or as little contact with you as you wish, but will always take time to:

  • Proactively review your investment goals and financial objectives on a regular basis.
  • Make contact with you whenever there are important changes in your account or any other significant developments which might impact your investment funds, assets, capital, income, and wider investing strategy as a whole.
  • Manage your ongoing investment management administrative needs quickly and smoothly.
  • Help you stay disciplined so that you stay on track to reach your longer-term portfolio aims through volatility in the market. This means avoiding emotion-based, drastic portfolio changes in response to market swings.

Unlike many other investment firms, at Fisher Investments your Investment Counsellor is there to keep you up-to-date, not to sell you new products—we are motivated by achieving your goals.

Quarterly Reports

Your Investment Counsellor will also provide you written quarterly reports published by the IPC. These detailed reports cover the following: 

  • Future outlook and how your portfolio is positioned to best account for change: including relevant economic, political and sentiment drivers that we believe will impact the markets over the coming months.
  • Discussion of retrospective market and portfolio performance, as well as economic and market conditions.
  • Detailed explanation of Fisher Investments’ views on current global economic conditions.

Your Investment Counsellor is also in direct contact with the third-party custodian that holds your assets, and will provide you with periodic portfolio valuations and, if you wish, contract notes and brokerage statements issued by the custodian.

Other Educational Material

You will have access to an array of educational content produced by Fisher Investments to help you better understand your portfolio, its positioning, and how this is informed by the firm’s broader investment management strategy. These include material on the investment process, financial guides, topical investment management industry articles and daily website commentary called MarketMinder. In addition, we produce semi-annual Capital Markets Update videos, featuring a roundtable discussion with the IPC explaining current views on the finance industry and economy. All of these are available via your Investment Counsellor.

Client Events

Periodically, Fisher Investments holds client events offering the latest information on global market forecasts, current portfolio management strategy, and details regarding the events impacting global and domestic financial markets. 

These events also provide a forum for you to ask questions related to both market factors and asset management strategies, to listen to questions from other investors, and to get answers directly from firm decision makers. We believe in the importance of expanding and strengthening the client-firm relationship, which includes giving clients the opportunity to interact with senior members of the firm. There is no additional cost for attending and participating in these events. 

Service Tailored to Your Needs

We believe that a personalised service should enable you to decide what's best for you, and your Investment Counsellor will take your lead on the amount of contact you feel is right, but you’re welcome to call for financial advice and guidance at any point if you ever have questions. 

Fisher Investments’ educational materials are there for you to digest at your leisure. You can read as much or as little of our output as you like. Similarly, you can attend as many or as few client events as you like—although we would encourage you to attend as many as possible. They exist to enrich your experience as part of our commitment to unparalleled investor service.

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Corporations, pension funds, endowments and other organisations conduct in-depth analysis and thoroughly scrutinise asset managers before deciding which to hire. Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries have been evaluated and hired by over 175 such organisations, including some of the largest institutional investors in the world.[i] When you choose Fisher, you are choosing a firm that stands up to scrutiny. 

We’d welcome the opportunity to explain why we are a truly different type of wealth manager and how our specialist investment advice could serve you. Call us today at 0800 144 4731 to discover the Fisher difference.

[i] As of 1/7/2018.

Investing in financial markets involves the risk of loss and there is no guarantee that all or any capital invested will be repaid. Past performance neither guarantees nor reliably indicates future performance. The value of investments and the income from them will fluctuate with world financial markets and international currency exchange rates.