The Austrian Ecolabel

Austrian Ecolabel for Sustainable Financial Products

The Austrian Ecolabel is awarded to products and services that represent more environmentally compatible options within a range of comparable products offered. Financial products, awarded with the Ecolabel, must fully meet the relevant criteria of Ecolabel Guidelinesโ€™ three primary priorities. One, a sustainable financial product must be able to identify companies that deliver a positive performance for the society and the environment. Two, uses a research process that meets the quality standards defined in the Austrian Ecolabel guidelines. Three, meets transparency requirements guarantying that investors can get a clear picture of the sustainable investment strategy, the portfolio and issues included therein. As of September 2023, Fisher Investments has two products carrying the Austrian Ecolabel: Fisher Investments Institutional Emerging Markets Responsible Equity ex-Fossil Fuels and Global Sustainable Equity Impact.

Financial products are awarded the Austrian Ecolabel based on adherence to the Austrian Ecolabel standards โ€œUZ 49โ€ after an independent audit and confirmation by a qualified control body. Fisher Investments pays a fee which covers administration costs and results analysis.

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