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2024 Training Apex Award

Fisher Investments earned the prestigious Training APEX Award (formerly T100 & T125) for 2024โ€”the sixth consecutive year Fisher Investments has been recognised as a top employee-training provider. Training is the leading business publication for employee learning and development (L&D), and their APEX Awards recognise organisations that excel in employee L&D.

โ€œWeโ€™re thrilled to be recognised by Training magazine for our employee learning and development programmes for the sixth year running,โ€ said Fisher Investmentsโ€™ Chief Executive Officer Damian Ornani. โ€œThe Training Apex Award is a reflection of our commitment to foster a positive learning environment for all employees.โ€

The Training Apex Awards recognise organisations with the most successful employee L&D programmes in the world based on various quantitative and qualitative factors, including:

  • Detailed formal and informal training programmes
  • Scope of training programmes provided
  • Training infrastructure and delivery
  • Training linked to business/business unit goals

"Our outstanding L&D programmes are designed to encourage and support our employees in their journey to building rewarding careers,โ€ added Fisher Investmentsโ€™ Executive Vice President of Global Human Capital, Greg Miramontes. โ€œWe believe our employee training programmes are critical to our success, and allow employees to thrive while providing outstanding service to our clients."

The Training APEX awards are determined by assessing a range of qualitative and quantitative factors, including financial investment in employee development, the scope of development programmes, how closely such development efforts are linked to business goals and objectives, and their effectiveness in terms of business impact. Companies that wish to be considered for APEX awards complete a detailed application, which is scored both quantitatively by an outside research and statistical data company and qualitatively by Training magazine editors and Top 10 Hall of Fame representatives. Fisher Investments pays a fee to participate in the Training Apex Awards programme, which covers the cost to apply and the application analysis. For more information, please visit: Training magazine Ranks the Winners of the 2024 Training APEX Awards.

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